Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Zett was born sometime between 1990 and 1999, the first son of a moderately wealthy family, and was taken to New York City to train as a police when he was four.

As a child, Zett had been fascinated by machines, building models of planes and even dreaming of becoming a pilot. His ability to repair machinery and reprogram computers would serve him well in the future, but because of his ability to learn quickly, Zett became arrogant and was often impatient. Under the careful guidance of Sheriff Bladepoint, however, Zett became more humble and reserved.

Training With Peter Hecks Edit

Through his television, Zett witnessed the UFO attack that Peter Hecks backfired as a baby. Sheriff Bladepoint sent him to the NASA station to fetch Peter, who had been abandoned by his parents, as Bladepoint hoped to adopt him and help him harness his powers. In the station, where Peter was miserable almost to the extent of collapse, Zett appeared to him and instructed him to go to the police station with him to train with Sheriff Bladepoint.

Almost a month after the start of the training, Zett accompanied Peter to the battle against the NoHeads’ robotic monster, and was present when Mr. Stupid NoHead attempted to assassinate Peter on the spot. Fleeing as the two mutants dueled, Zett returned to the grounds following the conclusion of the vicious battle. He offered to help Peter search for NoHead, but Peter revealed he had allowed NoHead to leave with minor injury. After the fight, Peter graduated, and Zett was the first to know.

Death Edit

Following the fall of Sebiscuits and the supposed death of Paige, Bladepoint went to help Baby Intelligence and go against the NoHeads. Still at the police station, Sheriff Bladepoint armed him and other police with swords as the station went on high alert. Under the leadership of Sebiscuits, the Grand Army of the NoHeads invaded the station, slaying all within. Fleeing to the upper levels, Zett fought his way through one of the hangars and onto the landing platform. Out in the night air, Zett raced for the recently landed speeder that belonged to Bladepoint, who had come to investigate the smoke rising from the base. On his way to freedom, Zett cut through eight robots, including the assault’s leader. However, before he could make it to the speeder, Zett was shot dead by the accurate blaster-handling of R-421. Fleeing the scene after Zett’s death, Sheriff Bladepoint departed the station in search of any surviving police.

Personality and Traits Edit

Zett was an empathetic and highly intelligent police cadet but was also impulsive and somewhat mischievous. He was a good leader and a skilled tactician and his quick thinking earned him the respect of many police. Zett was also strong willed as he was able to resist the police attack and nearly walk out unscathed.

Zett had a brief romantic relationship with Katy Smith, a police officer who later helped Paige in her duel with Mr. Stupid NoHead. However, both were more dedicated to their career and decided it was "more pertinent than [their] love life." However, they would still nurse feelings for each other. He later taught Peter Hecks to do the same.

Appearances Edit

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