Centauri: "What's a zerad?"
Master Intelligence: "You want the scientific description? They're hideous and dangerous."
Centauri and Master Intelligence[src]

Zerads were large, multi-tentacle creatures that slithered on land. They were highly dangerous creatures known for hunting in packs, and were involved in an incident known as the Krelle Massacre.

Biology and appearanceEdit


Zerads had large, brown bodies, and long tentacle-like appendages. The creatures were ball-shaped and multi-tentacled, with two yellow eyes and multiple tentacles used to kill prey. Zerads were ravenous eaters, capable of consuming virtually anything that could fit into their mouths, which were funnel shaped and lined with rows of razor sharp 'teeth.' Their throat distended outward into a hollow tongue, useful for swallowing struggling prey.[1] Capable of locomotion, zerads curled their tentacles inward to form a ball and roll themselves forward.[1] Covered in a hard, rubbery exterior, they were heavily resistant to bullets.[1]

Another feature of zerads was their rows of yellow colored eyes on their backs. Zerads had trouble distinguishing transparent objects, observed first when one attempted to attack Master Intelligence, Ramona Meyer, and Centauri through a containment window, and again when another attempted to eat them through the MBH's window.[1]

A zerad attacked by striking its prey with its tentacles so quickly that they were nothing but a blur to the naked eye. There was no way to tell how many tentacles it had unless it was dead. The number of tentacles varied; most had at least seven, while the largest specimen ever examined had twenty-three.[2]

Zerads in the worldEdit

File:Zerads mbh.jpg
Centauri: "You're not keeping zerads in here, are you??"
Master Intelligence: "I'm afraid so."
— Centauri and Master Intelligence[src]

At one point, the planets of the Solar System were populated with many peaceful species, but they all became extinct sometime before the Second Cold War, where Zerads were involved in the event that came to be known as the Krelle Massacre. In the event, many beings were killed and eaten by the creatures.[1] Centauri says humans and animals of Earth and Martians of Mars have been spared this horrible fate due to their being outnumbered by the vast population.

In 2042, Master Intelligence had three zerads caged in the MBH.[1] Intelligence was using the creatures for an experiment. When Master Intelligence induced Centauri into the First S.M.S.B., Centauri proposed they close the blast doors in the MBH. Instead, Centauri accidentally opened the wrong doors, unleashing the zerads. The zerads attacked several different members of the S.M.S.B. Centauri was grabbed by a zerad and almost killed, but Ramona Meyer saved him at the last second by closing a door on the tentacle holding her cousin.[1]



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