The X-93 Flame Incinerator was the standard flamethrower kit utilized by flametrooper units of the Knights of Meyer.


The X-93 Flame Incinerator was the standard-issue flamethrower kit utilized by flametroopers of the Knights of Meyer, primarily designed to turn any battlefield info a blazing inferno. The X-93's source of fuel was the highly flammable gel known as conflagrine-14, which was stored within twin outer fuel tanks that would be attached to the trooper's back. The tank was equip with a propellant pressure indicator for a small central pressurized tank housing the propellant gas that could launch the flame up to a distance of 75 meters; or as long as local wind conditions would allow. Connecting the tank to the double-barreled X-93w flame projector gun was a double-chambered reinforced hose. Upon the press of the trigger, a piezoelectrical ignition system would ignite the conflagrine-14 gel at the barrelhead of the X-93w flame projector gun, from where a mixing of the propellant gas would allow the user to fire the weapon.[1]


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