The Wasp was a battle station belonging to the NoHeads. It was manufactured by American immigrants as part of the Free Dac Volunteers Engineering Corps along with Pammant Docks at an underground factory.


Communication TowerEdit

The ship’s mounted communication and sensor pod was refitted into spacious quarters. From there, Mr. Stupid NoHead broadcasted manipulative propaganda for the NoHead cause. It was known as the Wizard’s Tower, and contained Rotta Hecks’ quarters.

Specification and WeaponsEdit

While lacking the First NoHead Base’s sheer firepower and armor, the ship was covered with powerful weapon emplacements, including quad turbolaser turrets, dual laser cannons, ion cannons, point-defense ion cannons, proton torpedo tubes and flak cannons. Each shot from the point-defense ion cannons released as much heat as a 4.8 megaton bomb, while the maximum yield of one of the quad turbolasers was equivalent to a ten-scale earthquake. As Mr. Stupid NoHead’s personal flagship, the Wasp was given several major modifications before it was turned loose on the enemy. The aft reactor bay assembly was rearranged to provide more hangar space, so that the Wasp could better serve as a carrier and invasion craft.



The Wasp was manufactured by American immigrants from France as part of the Free Dac Volunteers Engineering Corps along with Pammant Docks at an underground factory.

First NoHead WarEdit

As the NoHeads became increasingly desperate, they bolstered their fleet with combat skyfighters to further their goals. Mr. Wretched NoHead I chose the Wasp as his flagship.

Since control of the NoHead forces was handed to Mr. Ghastly NoHead, Mr. Wretched NoHead reluctantly surrendered the Wasp to the general to use as a replacement flagship at the behest of Mr. Demonic NoHead. Wretched’s reluctance was assuaged by permission to allow Mrs. Twisted NoHead to be the captain of the ship, and he assigned robot soldiers to the bridge crew.

The Wasp saw action at many engagements including those at South Carolina, Brazil, Salt Lake City, and New York City, as well as the deployment of the Brainrot Plague in Mexico. As the new flagship of the infamous Mr. Stupid NoHead, slaughterer of thousands, its name was so feared that the NoHeads used a pair of “decoys”, Rabid Voice and Humanoid Swarm, to terrorize unsuspecting families that supported the government.

Second NoHead WarEdit

Battle of the WaspEdit

It was aboard the Wasp that Mayor Katie Black was held captive and Mr. Stupid NoHead first encountered Sebiscuits during the Battle of the Wasp. The Battle of the Wasp would be the Wasp’s last battle, however. Due to the suddenness of the attack, as well as heavy signal jamming, not all police forces were aware of the Mayor’s presence aboard the Wasp and continued firing on it. A barrage of turbolaser fire from the police’s primary source of power took the Wasp down. Due to Rotta Hecks’ quick thinking: booster engines, magnetized fields; and her last resort measure — reversed stabilizers— the ship was righted again, but not for long.

During a skirmish on the bridge with Sebiscuits and Baby Intelligence, the main viewport was shattered by Rotta in order to make her escape, sucking most of the crew into space. What remained of the crew ran off the bridge, allowing the Wasp to finally succumb to gravity, splitting in two as it fell out of the sky. Against all odds, Sebiscuits landed what was left of the ship in an industrial zone, knocking over a radar tower in the process. Though Sebiscuits, Baby Intelligence, and Black survived, the ship was reduced to a wreck.


Eventually, the fallen Wasp was stripped and the metals and electronic systems were used to the city’s advantage. The Wasp cantina in Nevada was later named after it and had on display hull fragments were claimed to be from the Wasp.


The Wasp was created by American immigrants from France. They owned it for a time until the NoHeads somehow acquired it. It rightfully belonged to the NoHead Grandmaster or whomever the Master chose should command the ship.


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