Script error Wallace Blanks (pre-2005-2042) was a mutant, who likely attended Superhero School. He was a Knight of Plague who fought in the Second NoHead War. After the Gladiator's disappearance, he was sentenced to Beta Prison. Wallace later escaped with a group of Knights and fought in several battles of the S.M.S.B. - Knights of Plague Conflict. After the Battle of Transylvania, Wallace was killed by Force Baby.

Biography Edit

Wallace Blanks possibly attended Superhero School. Blanks served as a NoHead Recruit during the Second NoHead War. He, along with Rotta Hecks and Annabeth, were among Mr. Stupid NoHead's most loyal servants. Wallace somehow escaped the robot onslaught during Operation: Purge. Soon after the conflict ended in 2020, Wallace was put on trial and sentenced to life imprisonment in Beta Prison. In 2034, Wallace escaped Beta Prison, along with several other Knights of Plague.

In January 2042, after the Gladiator lured Lindsay Kellerman and the other S.M.S.B. members to Transylvania Quarters in an effort to obtain the Orb of Power, Wallace Blanks participated. After Master Intelligence destroyed the Hall of Domination, Wallace attempted to pursue, but he was then injured by the collapsing shelves. Upon regaining consciousness, Blanks Apparated to the Death Chamber, where he did several loops around the duelists and cackled, knocking over Force Baby. However, he was finally taken down by the gun-handling of Force Baby himself.

Physical Description Edit

Wallace is described as a quite thin man. It is unknown if Beta Prison took a toll on his appearance.

Personality and Traits Edit

Wallace was a very loyal Knight of Plague, willing to use the Dark side to commit atrocities for the sake of his master. He was also brave and calm to some degree.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Wallace was able to Apparate from the sword of Red X. He was also capable of casting lightning.

Appearances Edit

Notes and References Edit

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