"There's a customer out here looking for a shovel, Nicole."
―Veronica talking to Nicole[src]

Veronica (b. 2029-2034) was a shop assistant that worked for Nicole in the latter's thrift store. She was also a mutant.


Veronica was born sometime between 2029 and 2034. She worked with Nicole for many years. Her powers helped her in running the store, making her especially valuable to the latter. When Centauri came to their shop in 2048 looking for a shovel to bury his dead parents, Veronica informed Nicole of his purchase, and Nicole showed him where to find them. When he found the shovel, Veronica rung him up. When Nicole went into hiding and closed the shop, it is also possible she went into hiding if she was not already in hiding.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Veronica was young and had long brown hair. She looks very teenager-like, according to the Code Corner.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Veronica is scheduled to appear in "The X-Adults: Endgame - Part 1."


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