The following is a list of NoHead robot soldiers and Rockets whose names are unknown.

Unidentified soldier (I) Edit

This individual was an F-7 robot soldier who participated in Operation: Purge during the Second NoHead War. After the robot soldiers turned against the NoHead Recruits, he shot a NoHead Recruit who was flying through the crowd, making the latter collide with the gate.

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Unidentified soldier (II) Edit

This robot was an F-7 robot soldier. As Operation: Purge neared its end, Mr. Stupid NoHead realized that there was one last order of business to be seen to. The NoHead Recruits had no use to him, and the time had come to kill them all. A squad of robot soldiers ambushed and murdered them upon their arrival. They successfully gunned down nearly all the recruits. Seeing Sean and Annabeth had survived, NoHead ordered the robot to deploy a missile upon them. The robot complied and killed both of them by these means.[1][2]

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Unidentified soldier (III) Edit

"Sir, sensors triggered in hangar 789. We are searching the area."
―Unidentified female robot soldier to Mr. Stupid NoHead.[src]

A female robot soldier served as one of the NoHeads' robot soldiers assigned to the First NoHead Base. She reported a sensor trigger in Hangar 796 to Mr. Stupid NoHead and sent additional robots to investigate.[3]


Rocket soldier at Bast Castle Edit

This individual (d. 4 May, 2033) was a Rocket soldier under Hell Burnbottom. He participated in the early stages of the Battle of Bast Castle. Along with RC-5, he was struck by fire and shorted out, thanks to Burnbottom's deflects of two of Sebiscuits' attacks directed at himself. Out of irritation, it is likely that Burnbottom intended for this to happen whilst making it look like an accident.

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Soldiers on the Seventh LevelEdit

These individuals were F-7 robot soldiers in the 2010s. They fought during the attack on the NoHead Base against the S.M.S.B., but then died on the Seventh Floor. While he was chasing Paige, Sebiscuits had to leap over their mangled forms.

Behind the Scenes Edit

They were most likely killed during the first part of the battle, as they were lying on the corridor early in the fight.

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