Officer: "Now the universe knows you live!"
Mr. Stupid NoHead: "Then I have accomplished what I intended to."
— This Grand Army member speaking to Mr. Stupid NoHead[src]

This unidentified member of the Police Grand Army (d. 18 July, 2019) died fighting in the attack on New York City.

Biography Edit

This individual was born sometime before 2002 (since he is an adult in 2019). He joined the Police Grand Army at an unknown time and presumably trained with them as well.

This individual joined the members of the Police Grand Army that had been dispatched to the attack on New York City to stop a robotic monster. He was able to stall the robot long enough for Peter Hecks and Zett to arrive and defeat it. After taking out several robot soldiers sent to join the fight, the individual suddenly ran into Mr. Stupid NoHead, much to his horror. He quickly pulled out his signal and fired a giant 'n' into the air, prompting other police officers to do the same. When the individual revealed that he did this and that the universe now knew that the NoHeads still existed in an attempt to intimidate him, Mr. Stupid NoHead's only response was to burn an American flag before revealing that the world knowing of the NoHeads' resurgence was precisely what he had intended to accomplish. With a flick of his hand, the individual was thrown off the building to his death.

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