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This lion was a large, bronze beast that lived at the Zoo. In 2003, it was trapped by Annabeth unintentionally.[2]


Most of the lion's early life is unknown; it was bred in captivity at the zoo, at around 2003 or earlier. It remained inside its cage, waiting to go back to his home in India.[2]

In 2003, the lion encountered a six-year-old girl named Annabeth, who greeted it. However, the lion seemed uninterested, so Annabeth began reading the sign outside its cage. As she prepared to leave, however, she accidentally melted the cage holding the lion. The lion was preparing to pounce on her, but the tables turned when Annabeth flung her hand towards the top of a tree. The lion vaulted there, much to her shock, and found itself unable to get down. Shocked, Annabeth's mother took her home. It is unknown if the lion ever managed to reach the ground.[2]

Physical Description Edit

This lion's skull is very similar to that of the tiger, although the frontal region is more depressed and flattened, with a slightly shorter postorbital region and broader nasal openings than that of a tiger. Its fur was reddish, and the color of its mane was black. Its tail ends in a black, hairy tuft. The tuft conceals a hard "spine" or "spur", approximately 5 millimeters long, formed of the final sections of tail bone fused together. It is unknown what the function of the tuft and spine is. The lion was 190 centimeters long, and it weighed 154 kilograms, which is average. Its tail was anywhere between 90 to 105 centimeters.

The mane of the lion, unique among cats, is one of the most distinctive characteristics of the animal.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Lonely and bored, the lion found it highly annoying to have zoo visitors visit him every day. He had also always dreamed of living in India.[2]


Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. Lions live to be ten to fourteen years old. It must have been born less than fifteen years before it was relocated.
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