Master Intelligence

Then he twisted the angle of his sword and ignited it, and it plunged through the chest of Master Intelligence.

Warning! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from a soon-to-be-released product. More information will come soon, and caution is to be exercised.

Script errorThis boy was an individual that attended the same elementary school as Matthew.

Biography Edit

This individual was born in the 2210s. His father was irrational, but he also loved the individual dearly. In elementary school, he found an enemy in Matthew, who was already an outcast. In 2031, shortly before the Third NoHead War, this individual publicly defiled Matthew, which made the latter furious. He screamed and cussed at the boy, saying he hoped the boy sat on a tack and got run over. When the boy went to sit down, he immediately came in contact with a thumbtack, causing him to scream in pain. A moment later, a car lost control and plummeted into the boy, killing him immediately. This event ultimately led to the creation of the New Order.

Relationships Edit

Matthew Edit

This boy had a very hostile relationship with Matthew, who he loved to bully and defile like many others.

Appearances Edit

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