Script error This crow (b. 2016-30[1]) was a victim of Hell Burnbottom's plot to regain a physical body.[2]

During the events surrounding Red X’s induction into the S.M.S.B., the Lunch Money Bandit set off to find a crow egg upon the orders of Hell Burnbottom. In the meantime, this crow flew to its nest. The criminal immediately fired a freeze beam at it, binding it to the nest to ensure it did not escape Cygnus' sight. He planned to use the egg when the potion was complete.[3]

Burnbottom made the intended use out of the murder when Whammo Fireball freed the crow from its field and hurled its egg into the cauldron containing the potion that would resurrect him only moments later. It is unknown what became of the crow.[2]

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Notes and References Edit

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