Police: "M-my Lord ... we didn't do it... B-Baby Intelligence, he knew the area."
NoHead: "What area?"
Police: "I--I don't know anything. I saw the Wasp was destroyed...and Black was gone..."
NoHead: "Anything else?"
Police: "Rotta Hecks has been exposed. I look forward to when your defeat--"
— The officer's last words[src]

This policeman was given the unenviable task of informing Mr. Stupid NoHead that Katie Black had escaped and Rotta Hecks' identity had been revealed. Enraged at the setback, NoHead immediately killed the officer with a death beam, as well as several other police present at the time. NoHead kicked the police's corpse aside as he paced the room with Hell Burnbottom and planned his next move.


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