This unidentified Makkan from Planet 12 was a cadet sent to invade Earth in 2019. Its death saw the discovery of Baby Intelligence - ironically, if it weren't for this alien, the S.M.S.B. would never have been created.



Little is known about this alien's early years, but it is briefly implied that this alien was very successful on his homeworld, Planet 12, which was almost entirely made up of cities and technology.

In 2019, this alien was sent by leading authorities of his species to invade Earth, for which the others would then join him. He was required by an administrator to give the signal for their arrival. When he arrived, Peter Hecks fired on him with a huge ray gun, only for the alien to redirect it at the ship. Peter forced it past the ship instead. As he climbed into the spaceship he had come there in, the alien followed in close pursuit, dodging incoming explosives. Finally, Peter took over. Getting the drop on the alien, Peter was now in pursuit and fired blasters until the alien's UFO was hit. Peter then fired a homing missile, intending to finish it off. The projectile successfully destroyed the alien and blew up his fighter, jamming communications from Planet 12.


The alien's death ultimately prompted leading authorities on Planet 12 not to risk such an aggressive move a second time. In addition, Peter Hecks' extraordinary talent was discovered as a result of the dogfight. Ironically, the alien was the reason that the S.M.S.B. was created in the first place, setting the stones to begin and end three different wars and purge the NoHeads, and any other factions in Canada, America, Mexico, and the entire continent of Asia, once and for all.

Personality and TraitsEdit

The Makkan was a fierce and brash creature.

Behind the Scenes Edit

It was revealed in 2015 that this creature is indeed a Makkan. The graphic novel does nothing to reveal its origins.


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