Script error This unidentified Knight of Plague is seen once at Transylvania Quarters planning with the other Knights of Plague and possibly reappeared during the Battle of Transylvania.


It is possible that he went to Superhero School around the 1990s. He would later graduate and become a Knight of Plague, swearing allegiance to the Gladiator. This individual was only seen during the Meeting at Transylvania Quarters when Alicia was killed. He listened to Becca Smith and the Gladiator speak about the Orb of Power. This Knight of Plague may have fought at the Battle of Transylvania in 2042. He was possibly killed during the battle, or was imprisoned by the government with the other Knights that were not present at the battle.

Behind the ScenesEdit


Knights of Plague
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The Gladiator
Knights of Plague:

Augustus Salt | Becca Smith | Caberra | Eve | George | John | Monroe | Nolan Giles |
Ramona Meyer | Rudolph Lestange | Sebastian Lestange | Wallace Blanks

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Knights of Meyer

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