Thomas Meyer: Labyrinth of Evil (or simply Labyrinth of Evil) is one of the companion books to D. Isaac Thomas' The X-Adults: Endgame - Part 2. It premiered on 12 December, 2016.

The book is set in London in 2077, seven years after The X-Adults: Endgame: The Latest Threat and twenty-three years before The X-Adults: Endgame: The Inferno Relit, and features Anakin and Jay Organa as the main characters. D.I.T. Website tells us that Anakin and Jay have been recruiting followers since the 2030s, culminating with the only resistance able to control the chaos caused by the Knights of Meyer.

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The book's first official synopsis was released on 11 August, 2016:

''"Thomas Meyer: Labyrinth of Evil" opens in 2077 as Anakin and Jay Organa, veterans of the Boy-Team, have just completed a global excursion to find followers to create an organization known as the Team of Terror. Arriving in Equatorial Guinea for a brief stopover, they might have come and gone without incident… were it not for a Muggle named Jade, a mysterious figure, and a Nundu, which could spell trouble for the entire world. In the shadows, Centauri, who has left the MBH a few years ago, waits to strike against the world and avenge the S.M.S.B...

The plot revolves around the Organa brothers, who have made a brief stop in London in December 2077, shortly after completing their travels around the world to find followers and create an organization for the Light side. What was meant to be a short interlude is prolonged when a Muggle called Jade Stokowski inadvertently disrupts the already decreasing stability of Asia. In the shadows, the Dark Flame, disguised as a public official named Olivia Alexandra Mary, is waiting for the time of revenge.

The book takes place over three days.


The book opens with a dark setting where a bunch of people are gathered. Then, there is a flash of light and the back of a mutant, later revealed to be the Dark Flame. Then, there is a montage of newspapers before we finally settle in London. We see Anakin and Jay Organa on a ship as it arrives, and they get off. Along with several students of theirs, alleged to be the Team of Terror (the successor to the Boy-Team) in whole, come to a gathering outside a bank, where Jacob Credence is ranting about the mutants. Jay bumps into Jade Stokowski, a Fobble who is trying to get a bank loan to open a workshop for her dream career as a clothing stylist. Finally, they are picked up by Hayden Weber, who tries to take him in to the Prime Minister, but no one listens.

Meanwhile, the Dark Flame (disguised as an employee named Olivia Alexandra Mary) manipulates Colby Credence, who he believes is an Obskiat, into helping him with the promise of protecting and training him. It is implied that "Olivia" believes the mysterious attacks occurring in New York City are the work of a powerful Obskiat, which he feels will be a great asset for his plans. Olivia Mary leaves and finds Anakin and Jay, attempting to take them in.

Inside a hotel, Anakin and Jay teach their followers the basics until daybreak comes and they can finish their journey. However, when Jade Stokowski stumbles upon them once again, they are attacked by a mysterious force. Anakin orders his new students to run and hide, and a skirmish ensues that ends with the Knights retreating. The Organa brothers are eluded to who they are, so Anakin agrees to get to the bottom of it. Using the Force to mask his presence, he follows the survivors and finds them rendezvousing with a mysterious figure in a cloak. He reports this to Jay, who decides they must intervene.

Upon waking up, Anakin realizes that the students have been captured. He wakes Jay in a panic and insists that they have to be found. Jay and Anakin split up, during which time Jay meets Hayden, who agrees to help.

Maggie Credence, a girl in Jacob's orphanage with her brother, Colby, sings about the bad mutants. Colby turns out to be a young and scared boy afraid of his mother.

Hayden takes Jay and Jade to her house where they meet Jonathan, Hayden's sister. We later see the Credences visit a town hall, where they meet Sebastian Jones Senior and his son, also named Sebastian Jones. Sebastian Senior waves them away.

Meanwhile, Anakin Organa, on the run from the Webers as well as the British government, finds a Nundu within an undisclosed park. After much difficulty, he captures it and it gives him directions. However, he is shocked to learn it belongs to Jay. Sebastian Junior, the New York senator, is killed by a dark force later revealed to be an Obskiat. Hayden catches Jay, Anakin, and Colby, and goes to Isabel Hickory. Isabel captures the trio, believing them to be the cause of Shaw's death, and has them locked up. Mary orders them to be taken to a chamber to be killed, but they escape with the help of Jonathan.

Mary goes to the orphanage, but Maggie's powers manifest and Jacob is killed. The Dark Flame approaches Colby and has him track down his adoptive sister Maggie Credence, believing her to be the source of the Obskiat. Once they find Maggie, who happened to be with Anakin, the Dark Flame cruelly rejects Colby and Maggie, who angrily reveal that Maggie is the real Obskiat. Surprised, the Dark Flame attempts to turn Maggie and Anakin to the Darkness, but Maggie escapes and wreaks havoc, despite Anakin's protests. Jay and Hayden find him and try to calm him down, but he is killed on Isabel's orders. Through Jay's Spinjitzu, Mary is revealed to be none other than the Dark Flame. He correctly deduces that the Team of Terror will have to be dealt with quickly, or else they can very well destroy him and his army.

With the Dark Flame defeated, Jay and Anakin return to America. In the meantime, the Dark Flame makes a dramatic escape from prison.


The following is a list of characters who appeared in the book, most of whom (as of now, the only known exceptions are Anakin and Jay Organa) are completely original to this work and never mentioned anywhere else in canon before. thumb|right|300px|Anakin Organa, the protagonist

  • Anakin Organa – Master of the Team of Terror. Described as eccentric and introverted.
  • Jay Organa – Founder of the Team of Terror. Described as eccentric and extroverted.
  • Hayden Weber – "An ambitious worker at the Federal Government of London (FGL) who meets Jay. Tina is relegated to an office well below her abilities after she stood up for the wrong person. She longs to fight for what's right." Described as "grounded".
  • Jade Stokowski – "An optimistic Muggle factory worker/aspiring baker who gets introduced to the mutants when he meets Jay." He begins the book post break-up and develops a crush on Reba.
  • Jonathan Weber – "Hayden's elder brother and roommate, a big-hearted free-spirit Mind invader who can read minds." Described as a "bombshell".
File:LOE CoTSB Mary.jpg
  • Olivia Alexandra Mary – "A powerful official and the right-hand woman of the prime minister." Set with the task of tracking down Anakin and Jay.
  • Isabel Hickory – Prime Minister of Great britain.
File:LOE CoTSB Isabel.jpg

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The book was released on 12 December, 2016. Master Intelligence is mentioned in the book; he had met Anakin at a 2030 S.M.S.B. Skyfighter Tournament. The Dark Flame, and the intensifying of an international manhunt for him, is mentioned in the book as a story on the cover of The London Ghost newspaper.

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