The X-Children: The Return of the Verasect is the second installment of a two-part novel taking place thirteen years after the original series by D. Isaac Thomas, and believed until January of 2016 to be the final book in The Super Babies series.


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Return of Red X Edit

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Sebiscuits' death Edit

Following a dodgeball game, Sebiscuits has a vision predicting that only he can destroy the NoHeads. It also showed Master Intelligence being tortured by Hell Burnbottom in Bast Castle.

He tells Lindsay and Master Intelligence that he is going to Bast Castle to their shock. Intelligence sobbingly insists that he go with Sebiscuits, but Sebiscuits refuses, reminding them that this is his arena, and none of them wanted the NoHeads to return to full power. After a tearful goodbye, Sebiscuits goes to Bast Castle as planned. Sebiscuits finds Hell Burnbottom waiting for him there, and they duel with lightning and telekinesis. During the clash, Sebiscuits spots Nagatha and temporarily breaks away to kill her with a single downward stroke. Finally, Burnbottom is able to strangle Sebiscuits, and fires a fatal beam that decapitates his already weakened form.

At first it seems to be over, but Sebiscuits wakes up on Kolob. His injuries have vanished. The spirit of Rotta Hecks reveals itself nearby and tells Sebiscuits he had done well. Rotta tells Sebiscuits they are in heaven and that Sebiscuits might have the chance to go back to Earth. Sebiscuits asks if he can go back, and Rotta reminds him she is not the one to ask. She tells him he can either go back and finish Burnbottom, or he can continue to the afterlife. Sebiscuits asks Rotta if she knows where to go, and she tells him to go “on.” She concludes that he can help many if he returns, but God may not grant his request. Rotta walks off into the light and Sebiscuits yells after her asking what to do, but Rotta continues walking and vanishes.

Meanwhile, Master Intelligence senses Sebiscuits’ predicament and summons everyone together. He informs them that Sebiscuits is in grave peril and that they must fly to Bast Castle. They mount their fighters and take off. The S.M.S.B. is ambushed by a swarm of robotic fighters during the flight to Bast Castle, however, all 8 members survive the skirmish. The S.M.S.B. members perform several tricks to destroy the enemy. Hell Burnbottom duels with Red X, but Red X succeeds in overpowering him and the medium metal tube he used against her. They then land inside the base.

Hell Burnbottom, who had already returned, triumphantly declares Sebiscuits’ death to the S.M.S.B., causing Red X to start screaming in heartbreak and disbelief, only to be held back by Lindsay as she attempts to run over and attack. She keeps struggling for a moment. Burnbottom announces to them that the time has come for them to either join him or die. Whammo then stepped out with Sebiscuits’ corpse. At that moment, Sebiscuits jumps out of Whammo’s arms and comes back to life, to the great relief of his friends and allies. Burnbottom, totally thunderstruck, is furious that he has failed to kill Sebiscuits. The two face each other off for a moment, with Sebiscuits relentlessly firing beams that Burnbottom deflects into the wall. Burnbottom is then forced to fly away, leaving Sebiscuits behind declaring him to be a coward.

Battle of Bast Castle Edit

The series ends Edit

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A graphic novelization of the sequel was written with The X-Children: Where Are You Now?, and was approximately sixty percent of the story. It excludes much material seen in the book, such as the finish of Sebiscuits’ and Rotta’s conversation and the sky battle leading up to the Battle of Bast Castle. The rest is mentioned in Part 1.

New characters Edit

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