Master Intelligence

Then he twisted the angle of his sword and ignited it, and it plunged through the chest of Master Intelligence.

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The X-Adults: Endgame - Part 3 is the upcoming fourteenth book in The Super Babies. It is the third and final book in the second sequel trilogy and the nineteenth installment in the franchise overall. The book, which is currently in production, is written and illustrated by D. Isaac Thomas. The book sees the return of Master Intelligence, Lindsay Kellerman, Sebiscuits Cardarphen, Sheriff Bladepoint, and Baby Strength. New characters include Matthew and Nebelon.

The book will pick up forty years after The X-Adults: Endgame: The Inferno Relit left off. It is currently in production, scheduled to be released in late 2020.


Attack on the MBHEdit

In April of 2180, the Dark Flame discovered the plans for the MBH. Using his powers to surpass security, he broke in to steal the plans. At this moment, Master Intelligence knew that the duel had to be fought. The Dark Flame entered a chamber, but the S.M.S.B. was waiting. Lindsay fired at the Dark Flame with a nearby gun, but the Dark Flame knocked her out by telekinetically hurling her against a wall, temporarily knocking her out. Sebiscuits, horrified, rushed over, but failed to wake her. As such, Sebiscuits angrily attacks the Dark Flame in a sword duel, but the Dark Flame overpowers Sebiscuits, jabbing him with his elbow and slashing him across the back to incapacitate him. Just then, Lindsay awakens from her stupor and proceeds to attack the criminal. The Dark Flame initially held the advantage, using his rage to an advantage. Lindsay spent part of the duel in retreat, defending herself against the Dark Flame’s advances. The two locked sabers and the villain taunted her about her hair. This backfired, however, as Lindsay was unconcerned about her appearance and the taunt only served to reassure her of her own power: she began to draw on her powers to hone her attacks, and moved onto the offensive, delivering powerful, heavy attacks against her enemy. However, the Dark Flame drew upon his own powers and regained the offensive, and the tide of the duel remained in his favor. Ultimately the Dark Flame was able to overpower Lindsay and deal her a severe wound to her face while severing her sword into two. Lindsay has taken too many wounds to continue standing, but she still struggles in vain to rise.

Master Intelligence intervenes and engages the villain at close quarters. The Dark Flame immediately fired a death beam, which Master Intelligence blocks before igniting his sword. The resulting three-hour long battle, fought with both swords and superpowers, was one of the most well known duels in the world. At one point, Lindsay Kellerman got too close to the duel, necessitating that Master Intelligence telekinetically repel her away whilst deflecting a torrent of lightning. The duel also proved to be one of Master Intelligence’s most famous moments, with him losing his life soon after being disarmed. According to Colby Doge, eye-witnesses proclaimed that it was the greatest duel of all time.

The fight ended in a draw when both of them disarmed each other at the same time, by means of a telekinetic blast fired at the same time as a death beam. Upon being disarmed, Master Intelligence remembered what he and the Dark Flame were fighting for and attempted to talk his former friend out of his destruction. After a brief moment of emotional struggle, the Dark Flame activated the weapon and brought it down on Lindsay. However, Intelligence leaped in front of Lindsay and the sword passed through his chest instead. As Lindsay and Sebiscuits watched in horror, the Dark Flame slammed Intelligence’s corpse through the window for a ten-story fall. With that, Master Intelligence died at the age of 160.

Lindsay angrily called the Dark Flame a monster for murdering his own master and only friend. She and Sebiscuits engaged the Dark Flame in combat, attacking relentlessly. The Dark Flame met their attacks with his own, and both sides seemed to be evenly matched. When the Dark Flame backed away for a moment, Lindsay and Sebiscuits hurled their swords at him. The villain deflected both of the blades, which were caught by Sebiscuits. After a brief flurry of swordplay, Sebiscuits tossed Lindsay her sword and they attacked again. However, Sebiscuits, in an attempt to cut the Dark Flame's handle in two, accidentally missed the villain and sliced through Lindsay's handle instead. Lindsay was then blasted into the doorway leading into the chamber. Sebiscuits furiously rounded on the Dark Flame. He attacked him with rage and hatred, raining down fast, heavy power attacks against his opponent. The Dark Flame easily countered his strikes, but eventually began to struggle. Attempting to rally, Sebiscuits sidestepped his enemy before pulling him into a bladelock. The antagonist broke the contact and attacked again. With his strength and aggressive sword technique, Sebiscuits finally overpowered Dark Flame’s defenses and slammed his own sword against his neck. The antagonist fell back and died. In an act of vengeance, Sebiscuits telekinetically thrusted the Dark Flame through a window.

The battle and Master Intelligence’s death had a great impact on the world.

After his death, Lindsay became the new leader of the S.M.S.B., as she had been promised over a century before.

Death of Lindsay KellermanEdit

After Master Intelligence died, Lindsay assumed control of the S.M.S.B. By now, only Sebiscuits, Telekinibabe, and Baby Strength were left. She was widely considered “just as good a leader as Master Intelligence.” In 2218, and died of old age. Lindsay had grown sick and weak in old age, and knew her death was imminent. She informed Sebiscuits there was little he could learn from her. She also told Sebiscuits, Telekinibabe, and Baby Strength that they should pass on what they had learned, as the light side powered them all, as it had Master Intelligence. She also revealed the origins of Intelligence’s power. With her final breaths, Lindsay struggled to tell Sebiscuits her final words: “Sebiscuits. You are now our leader.”

Lindsay then died and was buried soon after. Soon after. Lindsay told a nervous Sebiscuits that she and Master Intelligence would always be with him, if not physically.

Discovery of Matthew Edit

Matthew: "What have I done, to deserve the honor of your company?"
Sebiscuits Cardarphen: "My days upon the Earth are growing short. Someone must lead the S.M.S.B. when I am gone."
Matthew: "You'll die? When?"
Sebiscuits Cardarphen: "I don't know. Soon. Come. We have a lot to get done."
— Matthew and Sebiscuits[src]

In 2219, Sebiscuits Cardarphen remembers Matthew from his tests with Lindsay Kellerman and seeks him out. In the meantime, Matthew works on his farm for several hours. At noon, his mother came for him and offered him lunch indoors, only for Matthew to insist that his work was unfinished. This remark pleased his mother, who reminded him that the farm would be his someday. Matthew continued with the wagon he was using, but after it became stuck on a boulder, Cardarphen approached him.

Matthew is honored by Cardarphen's visit to his family's farm, and his shock only increased when Sebiscuits names him the new Grandmaster of the fledgling S.M.S.B., since he will die soon. He beckoned Matthew to follow him to the MBH. Matthew turns, remembering that the field is still overgrown with dead grass, but decides this is more important.

For the next few years, Sebiscuits Cardarphen teaches Matthew all that he knows, in hopes that the S.M.S.B. will go on. In one lesson, he taught Matthew that the Light flowed around him and influenced him. He "must strengthen the nation, find the lost sheep and bring them back". He also brought him to the former home of Mr. Quake NoHead, explaining that their troubles begin with unstable factions of former Dark mutants. He tells Matthew to have faith in his powers, and to find others who still long to serve the greater good and make a difference. He also taught him the S.M.S.B. Code and gave him a valuable rubric of their code.

Matthew was on his post sometime between 2224 and 2230 after Cardarphen passed away, after all the other members. On his deathbed, Sebiscuits asked Matthew what he wanted. Matthew asked only for a way to prove who he was about to become, to the outer world. Sebiscuits told him to fetch a token nearby, which Master Intelligence always carried with him. When Matthew exclaimed that he had found it, Sebiscuits died without another word. Leaving the room, the child felt as if he could not go on alone, but Cardarphen, along with Master Intelligence, appeared as a ghost and told him they would always be with him, and told him how to begin.


Based on its content it is likely that The X-Adults: Endgame will be rated PG-13 when it is released.

New charactersEdit