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Thomas Meyer (c. 2020-April 2180) was considered one of the most powerful dark mutants of all time, second only to Mr. Stupid NoHead. He was schooled at Lazar Institute until his expulsion. Later he fostered a friendship with Master Intelligence while living in New York City for a summer with his great-aunt, Myra Gordon. Thomas joined the S.M.S.B. and changed his name to Centauri. The two made plans to find the Sword of Abomination and wield their new-found power to their ends and others, leading a mutant revolution with the aim of driving the forces of evil from the Earth for good. Their friendship and Centauri’s membership fell apart after the two were involved in a three-way duel with Baby Strength that resulted in Force Baby’s death.

Centauri left New York City, took the name of the Dark Flame, and soon stole the Sword of Abomination from George Thames, proceeding alone with the revolution he and Master Intelligence had planned. He established a power base in continental Europe at the fortress Nurmengard. The Dark Flame was a complex figure, highly idealistic but marred by sociopathic tendencies and his links with the dark side, a revolutionary operating outside the law. He was not a wanton killer or torturer, but he and his followers (in a single-minded and unpopular quest; one’s allies must often be unsavory characters) committed numerous crimes, including several known murders and eventually genocide. In 2180, at the height of his power, he invaded the MBH and murdered Master Intelligence after a legendary duel. This led to his own death at the hands of Sebiscuits.
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"Anything's possible if you work hard enough to achieve it."
―D. Isaac Thomas

Naturally, suffering exists. It is a part of the structure of nature. Still, it has a cause.|-D. Isaac Thomas

Curiosity is not a sin, Lindsay. Still, recklessness is not profitable.|Master Intelligence


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