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The Super Babies: Zero to Hero, or better known merely as Prequel One, is a 2014 The Super Babies book written by D. Isaac Thomas. It was the sixth book to be written, but is chronologically the first book of the series. Baby Intelligence, Sebiscuits, Mr. Stupid NoHead, Baby Strength, Force Baby, and Sheriff Bladepoint reprise their original roles, but the prequels also introduce a host of new characters including Rotta Hecks, Paige, Zett, Greg Hecks, Mayor Katie Black, and RC-1.

The book takes place three months before Template:POTSB, the first book written in the series, and begins as Rotta becomes pregnant with the main character, Baby Intelligence. He is abandoned, but is trained and raised by the police. The NoHeads, the ancient enemies of the police, reveal themselves after a decade in hiding; while Baby Intelligence is abandoned, but is trained and raised by the police. Meanwhile, Sheriff Bladepoint fights to save his city from the rising darkness.

Zero to Hero was finished and bound in late 2014, becoming the first The Super Babies book since The Final Chapter three years earlier. The book was re-released on Movellas, Wattpad, and Figment.

The book was the first major story in the prequel era and began years of canon storytelling that would primarily take place around the time of the prequel storyline. Numerous stories were also told in or influenced by Zero to Hero and the prequels.


Rotta and Greg Hecks have a baby, unaware of the powers he possesses. Finally they abandon him, but he is adopted by the police and trained to be a superhero. Baby Intelligence is born. He promises to train other babies who have unusual powers, knowing there ARE others. The S.M.S.B. is born! On top of it all, the darkest force their town has ever known may be returning, and more powerful than ever. Now it’s up to Baby Intelligence to defeat them once and for all.


The year is 2018. In New York City, Rotta Hecks meets with her husband, Greg, who was worried for her. They share a kiss, and she reveals to him that she is pregnant with their child.

Nine months later, Rotta and Greg arrive at the hospital, and Rotta is taken to a hospital room. There, a boy is born soon after. After the doctor hands him to his mother, Rotta gives him the name “Peter.”

Peter Hecks begins to show he has powers at a very young age, as he is born of NoHead blood. By the time he is seven days old, he can walk, read, and speak. He could exit his crib independently when he was roughly 34 hours old.

Rotta and Greg began to fear this, and Rotta says he had too much of Mr. Stupid NoHead in him, cryptically. Word soon spreads about him when a news reporter named Colby Doge pays them a visit and puts him on TV. He soon gets a call from NASA when he is 10 days old. Because Rotta thought of an idea that allowed this to work for her advantage, she and Greg allow him to go.

Peter blasts into the sky with the other astronauts, and is amazed by pretty much everything. He even said he liked the way the levers were shaped. After skimming the moon, the ship stops and Peter takes a spacewalk. The astronauts ask him how he felt, and he replies loudly that he misses his parents, who are down below. Rotta tells him then that he isn’t allowed to come back, and Peter lets out a glass-crushing scream. Rotta leaves the station after that, followed by Greg.

But then Peter notices a UFO coming their way. The astronauts fire seismic charges to deal with the threat, but this attack proves fertile. Peter insists he could help, and has to blast the astronauts aside before they agree. With that, a fierce dogfight occurs between Peter and the alien. Peter gains the upper hand, and blows up the alien’s ship with a tracking missile.

He then lands the ship, which had taken damage during the fight. He rushes inside the space station looking for Rotta, and finds her leaving with Greg. This depresses him, but then a police officer named Zett shows up. He says Peter is to go to the police station, where he would learn from Sheriff Bladepoint in the best police station on the planet. On the way out, he happens to meet Sebiscuits in a closet, who is there with his parents.

Sheriff Bladepoint begins training Peter to harness his power and control his emotions. Weeks later, while training, Peter becomes distracted when he hears the alarm signal. A police attempts to tell Bladepoint of the trouble, but is cut off before he can finish the explanation. Bladepoint offers Peter the chance to go, who accepts it.

The attack on New York City Edit

The subject of terror was a robotic monster, who was already dueling 4 police at once. Upon seeing Peter, it turned to him and opened fire. After a short struggle, Peter manages to kill the robot after disarming it.

After the robot fell, Peter is confronted by its maker, Mr. Stupid NoHead, who was also his archenemy. They engage in an intense battle using their swords and superpowers. The duel brings them to an elevator and then several rooftops in the heart of town. Peter hurls mounds of junk at NoHead, and the effort to avoid them exhausts the villain. NoHead retaliates, rearming himself and blasting Peter with lightning, but Peter draws a tool to repel it. The charge sends both Peter and NoHead over the roof’s edge. Peter slams into the building behind him, while NoHead falls to the road below. Peter follows him down and disarms him, rendering the villain at bladepoint. NoHead promised to leave the city, a promise that satisfies Peter. Peter lets him go, but still feels wary as he leaves.

Peter is immediately applauded by the police for his victory. Sheriff Bladepoint takes him home and gives him a clean set of clothes and a shower. A day after the fight, Bladepoint tells Peter that he has graduated. Peter renames himself Baby Intelligence and the police help him build an elaborate home called the MBH. He gives a speech on TV from inside 89.1’s radio station about his new rank and new name, and mentions his promise to find other Supers. Sebiscuits watches in awe from his home.

List of Deaths Edit

Character Killed By Cause Of Death Circumstances
Alien from Planet 12 Peter Hecks Missile to ship Blown up in an attempt to invade Earth
Robotic Monster Peter Hecks Sword Invaded New York City in a ploy to Mr. Stupid NoHead's scheme

Deleted Scenes Edit


Rotta tells Mr. Stupid NoHead about her pregnancy. She proceeds to take extreme measures during her pregnancy, even unusual ones.

Novelization Edit

A novelization of the story was made by IsaacBearAmmonPumpkinn on a website called Movellas. It includes three entire chapters of material unique to the novel. The story was quite accurate, and summed up the first few chapters of The Super Babies - Part 1. Thomas’ story was unsuccessful at first, but its reception improved eventually. It was published less than a month after the first. The book kept several references to the originals, including the betrayal mentioned in Pride of the Super Babies and meeting Sebiscuits.

Thomas devoted a quiz to The Super Babies - Part 1, which he later opened to the public. He claimed that the novel was an extremely happy and fulfilling experience.

Characters Appearing For The First Time Edit

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