The Purge is an unfinished documentary about the story in between the original series and sequel trilogy. It was begun in 10 July, 2016, but it was never finished. To date, it has only been officially published in a limited-release, US-exclusive book.

Synopsis Edit

Opening Edit

The book begins with Baby Intelligence building a mobile home in order to initiate the American Purge.

Versus Saron Facilor Edit

A voodoo wizard named Saron Facilor was hunted down by Baby Intelligence and the other members of the S.M.S.B. Knowing this would happen, Saron contacted the voodoo demons he was associated with, who promised to help him in the battle.

The demons join Facilor just as the other S.M.S.B. members do; the Battle of the Spells ensues. Before Facilor can draw his wand, Force Baby uses the Force to bind Saron's lips together. He was then engaged by the spirits. Along with the latter, the spirits engaged Baby Strength and Telekinibabe, keeping them at bay. In the meantime, Saron personally fought Lindsay Kellerman, Sebiscuits, and Master Intelligence all at once. Finally, Saron fired a powerful curse he had discovered at Lindsay, and it hit her directly, knocking her unconscious. Facilor would have killed Lindsay if he had been able to say the incantation, but Force Baby had taken his voice and the nonverbal version of the curse was not as powerful as it normally would be. Telekinibabe broke off his telekinetic streak against the demons and rushed to Kellerman's aid.

Saron uses the curse again against Baby Intelligence, but the latter blunts it by use of an extremely powerful Shield. The curse still knocked Baby Intelligence off his feet. Finally, Force Baby employed his powers to dissipate the ghosts, and turned to fight Saron, telling Baby Strength to take care of Lindsay. Cackling, Facilor attempted to use the same curse against Force Baby, but Sebiscuits managed to hit him with a death beam before he could complete the spell, killing Saron and putting the duel to an end. Seeing this, the voodoo demons flee.

As a result of the curse Saron Facilor had assaulted Lindsay with, Lindsay realizes she will not be able to continue the mission. She thus has to return to New York City. Baby Intelligence kisses her goodbye and promises her they will be reunited soon. Force Baby teleports her home. Throughout the next few weeks, Lindsay has to take no less than ten different medicines daily for an extended period of time, provided by a nurse at NYC Hospital named Joshua Pye.

Versus Spicy Mead Edit

Soon after, Lindsay visits Ed's Motel. In the meantime, the S.M.S.B. seeks out Spicy Mead.