The Life and Legends: Lily Clark is an anthology written by D. Isaac Thomas himself. It was released on 6 April, 2016.


Before Planet 12Edit

The book opens with Lily Clark waking up in her crib. We are then introduced to her life as a toddler. Her parents are very lenient and give her the best of possessions as far as materials are concerned. Eventually, she is surprised to learn she will have a brother, who will be named Matt. It turns out that while Lily loves him, she is annoyed by how energetic and free-spirited he could be. (Their personalities clash entirely. Where Lily is calm and collected at all times, with the sole exception of when she is angry, Matt is the opposite). Her friends are rich and know she loved technology. Lily is then seen taking a martial arts class, and it is implied she has already done this for a while. She is then awarded as a green belt (instead of a white belt), something her family is present for.

Matt Clark's death Edit

Disaster strikes after Matt goes hiking with his friends in the forest, while Lily stays home. After Matt disappears into the distance, Lily's parents go to sleep. Lily heads into the kitchen, grabs a cookie and chocolate bar, and watches television in earnest.

Two days later, Lily is woken with tragic news from her father, news she is very upset to learn. During the hiking trip, a noil had killed and eaten him, and it does not help to learn that the corpses of Matt's friends have disappeared. Lily asks him to leave, choking on her lollipop.

On her twelfth birthday, which is celebrated at home, her presents include a new computer, a remote control aeroplane, a gold wristwatch, a video recorder, a cine-camera, and a racing bicycle.

Encounter With MakkansEdit

At an unknown point, Lily finds the teleportation device, one of the three Arts, and is able to obtain it from its owner. She used it to teleport to Planet 12, where she encountered an Makkan guard named Bemb. The guard finally warmed up to her, having seen a human before, and found himself willing to tell her how tyrannical the Emperor of their planet was. The Emperor had enslaved Bemb because he did not bow low enough when the Emperor passed. Lily realized the Emperor had to be stopped lest he could help her return home. Using her charm, Lily was able to convince him to take her to the Palace.

Upon finding the Emperor in the throne room, Lily was surrounded by armed guards. Realizing that one of the guards, who was Rodena, was pointing his weapon precariously towards the King, Lily cleverly pulled out a feather and held it up behind him, pretending to put her arm around him affectionately. As she predicted, this caused Rodena to sneeze. The sneeze made its hand to lurch forward, pushing the trigger and shooting the Emperor squarely in the heart.

The aliens were estastic at the end of their oppression, and held Lily in high regard for her feint. Thousands of aliens that had been alerted to the Palace immediately bowed to her from outside, honoring her as the hero of Planet 12. Lily was then appointed as their holdout ruler by Charlien. When Lily prepared to sit on her new throne for the first time, Bemb attempted to tell her how her felt, but ended up stuttering instead. As such, he approached her throne and spoke to her, somewhat nervously. As Rodena realized that Bemb was hitting on her, he motions to Lily. Lily, who finally realizes what is going on, invited Bemb to sit by her at the following feast that night. The day after the feast, Lily was tested, and her dictatorship over the planet became official. After taking the throne, Lily chose to keep the teleportation device in tow.

As the EmpressEdit

After that event, Lily settled on Planet 12, becoming the Empress of the planet. She chose to wear blue, floaty robes, which Bemb helped to make. Although Lily was not used to the unusual supply of technology, she soon found many uses for it. As one of her first acts as Empress, Lily appoints Bemb as the Captain of the Guard. Lily also made it a priority to learn the dialect of her people, which was similar to English. She spent most of her time secluded in the Palace, though she would leave it on a few occasions.

Returning the Device of Teleportation Edit

Finally, Lily realizes the Device of Teleportation must be returned to Earth. As such, she has one of her guards, named Makkalian enter the room. When he arrived, she opens a compartment in her throne, seizing the device. Lily then gave it to him and ordered him to teleport to Earth. Makkalian insisted that he could die. Lily, who already knew that aliens could not survive oxygen, stood up from her throne and punched him angrily. Rubbing his cheek, the trembling alien proceeded to Apparate to the planet, only to immediately suffocate upon landing. Its death was reported to Lily soon afterwards. Lily accepted the news with a neutral attitude over the affair.

Dealing with scum Edit

Several years later, Lily is surprised to learn that Mr. Demonic NoHead had just arrived on Planet 12, hoping to convince Lily to associate herself with the NoHeads. Before speaking with him, Lily has a guard bring her a chocolate bar. While Lily eats, she debates with Demonic. However, Lily sees the NoHeads as nothing more than “yet another childish rebellion against authority” and refuses to help him. Finally, Demonic leaves in a fury via Apparition. His reasons for keeping her alive are unclear, though he probably did not want to deal with the aliens on the planet, which were formidable.

Some time after Mr. Demonic NoHead’s visit, Lily enters into a partnership with the weapons dealer Tyber Iavanna. However, neither partner apparently planned on this alliance being permanent. When Tyber learns that Lily had sent the teleportation device back to Earth, the young smuggler strikes. Tyber takes several squads of mercenaries to Felucia, where Lily is waiting for him on her throne. When he arrived, Lily beckons him forward, where she meets the Imperials to whom Iavanna is selling the artifact. Tyber managed to steal the artifact, but was captured. Transmitting to Iavanna on Kerseb, she told him that he’d be dead, because she had sent an assassin to kill him. However, Tyber’s associate, Uraia Nen, managed to free him, and Tyber would go on to form the Iavanna Clan, and decided to get his revenge on Lily. He would go on to steal the Holoka.

Shortly afterwards, Lily has her guards engage in battle with the Iavanna. Using a listening post in Bozocami Lily had pinpointed the Iavanna’s bases and sent saboteurs to hit them, as Bemb reveals. Although she was initially successful, Tyber rebounded and tracked down Lily’s droid factory on Hypiria, which he sent an attack force. Lily suffered a rare defeat when Mesakk switched sides for triple pay and Tyber and Uraia were able to slice the Robota Mark II’s programming. With his newfound power Tyber kills Lily’s men and forced the administrator to agree to a ceasefire that called off the bounty on Tyber’s head.

Training Prince Charlien Edit

Lily continues as the successful ruler of Planet 12. She allows Charlien, the Prince of Planet 12, to remain in the throne room with her. The only condition is that if she wants to be alone, he has to leave, and if she does not want to talk, he will respect that. Eventually, she began training him personally and instructed him in the ways of martial arts, despite her own skills going somewhat dry. The next scene sees Tabahelma receiving a letter from her, which promises him a special job. Visiting Clark for further information, Tabahelma is requested by his Empress to complete Charlien's training. Lily promises him five thousand dollars per month to do this. Tabahelma, who is poor, readily obliges from here. Lily resumes position on her throne.

Endings Edit

Lily continues ruling Planet 12 until she became sick in 2046. Although a nurse found an antidote that healed her, it only lasted for two months. Lily became just as ill as before. Sick and on her deathbed, Lily requested that Charlien be crowned the next King. She then "died without another word." The book ends with a brief description of Charlien's rule.

Behind the ScenesEdit

This is one of the only D.I.T. books to not be in color, another one being The Life and Legends: Annabeth.

While almost all the characters have only just been introduced, Prince Charlien was also looked at in depth (he originally appeared in Journey to Planet 12). Mr. Demonic NoHead, likewise, has also been seen in Before The SMSB: Why Has The Storm Ceased? and Before The SMSB: Where is the Darkness?, but this first reveals his service to the Legions of Metta.

New charactersEdit