This sword belonged to the Gladiator. Like most mutants, it is his most prized possession. He wielded it throughout his career, before his defeat in 2042.


The Gladiator's sword is made of durasteel, a material with the powers of evil. The sword is in deliberate contrast to the sword of Master Intelligence, whose material has the powers to repel evil. This may or may not have been one of the Gladiator's attempts to be more like Mr. Stupid NoHead, who he idolized. The Gladiator’s sword shared a twin energizer with Master Intelligence’s sword, as both were made of space rocks.


In Superhero School, the Gladiator built his sword. After his accession, the Gladiator was known to draw his sword when facing mutants, but also against other opponents, even though he sometimes preferred to use the Dark side to dispatch lesser victims.[1] However, prior to the Attack on the MBH, the Gladiator somehow learned of the Pitial Defilatelum effect between his own sword and Master Intelligence's sword and how both twin cores prevented them from defeating each other. The Gladiator then took Monroe's sword to prevent that from happening, and proceeded to murder Alicia, the head of the Muggle Revolution. The Gladiator would lose this sword after his arrest in 2042, though it is unknown what happened to it afterwards.


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