The Man Who Talked to the Wall 2 Edit

Suzie: Now, let's get this show on the road!

Roy: What are you doing here?

Suzie: What are you doing here?

Roy: This happens to be my car! [pushes Suzie out and drives away]

Suzie: No! Hey!

Suzie: Don't forget Titan!

Laura: Titan?

Suzie: That's me. See? My suit repels gravity. I'd like to see you come up...

Roy: Go home, Suzie. Now!

Laura: What a klutz.

Suzie: A klutz am I? Children have souls!

Roy: And now, you have officially gone too far.

Suzie: This is because I have no training. Some people obviously don't need it. Check out what's in my wrist g -

Roy: Go home, punk. We don't need you.

Suzie: [looks offended] Please, just - I'll show you! I'll take Laura! [Laura hurls her away]

Roy: Shut up, Suzie. Nobody cares about you. I'd be surprised if... I'm sorry. Come on. We're taking you home.

Suzie: I hate you.

Roy: Hello?!

Suzie: I work for the government now. Note the suit?

Roy: Hm. So, you're here to lead me in the mission?

Suzie: No, I'm only going to brief you. The fight is your honor! It is your platform, and victory! I look forward to the freedom of my Master's island. I'm very glad you came.

Roy: Hm. You're not anything like you were when we last met.

Suzie: Thank you.

Surprising. We must have him return. Invite him to dinner, Reno.

Roy: You look amazing.

Suzie: Aww, thank you. [looks down] No one has ever complimented my appearance before. I wasn't quite sure... well, come, Roy. Sit down.

What would you like?

Suzie: That's not the case. [shifts position] It's just... do you hear that?

Suzie: Come on!

[teleports herself and Roy to Manhattan Island]

Roy: Where are we?

Suzie: Manhattan Island. East of New York City. This way. I don't think they'll be looking for us in America.

Roy: True - but don't you feel a little... exposed?

Suzie: Won't be a problem. The alley is this way. [they arrive at the alleyway and stop at the end] We need to change.

Roy: What's in there?

Suzie: A few clothes, devices I like to keep handy, and a bit of money. Here's a T-shirt for you.

Roy: You're brilliant.

Suzie: Thank you, Roy.

Suzie: So, what are we going to do with these two? Kill them? They'd kill us.

Roy: Suzie...

Suzie: They had a good go at it just now.

Roy: We just need to wipe their memories. It’s better like that, it’ll throw them off balance. If we kill them it’d be obvious we were here.

Suzie: All right, then.

I am very sorry. I will keep a better eye out in the future, as will my Master. Roy, you can feel free to stay. A guard will show you to your room.

Suzie: Looks like my work has finally paid off.

Roy: What are you talking about?

Suzie: I pulled through many a fighter to render the prototype worthy of your attention. But it wasn't good enough, was it? I had to modify the robot for which we stand, but the difficulties were worth the pain. And I would like to thank you for saving me at Manhattan.

Roy: Suzie... you've set me up?

Suzie: You'd better believe it. Now, I am Titan! Guardian of... Oh, bull faggot!

All right, here we go.
You cock!
Gentlemen! Behold!

Suzie: I call it bluff. I know the stakes suggest otherwise. [takes a deep breath] So, what are you -

Mr. Reno Tutu: Next time you make a gamble, bet your whole life!

Suzie: Well, well, well, look what we have here.

Guard: Ma’am, they were coming to rescue Roy.

Suzie: Fascinating. An entire family of scum. It appears I’ve hit the jackpot.

I am your ward. The wise, and great, and powerful superhero, Titan! [Basketball 9000 attacks] Stand back! Someone needs to get it through its head! [hurls the Basketball to the ground and rips out its lower sensor cluster] I am Titan! Ha ha ha!
Huh...? NO!

Suzie: You took away my victory. Now I have prepared to repay you. Do not worry, I'll be a greater mentor than you could hope for. [rushes out the doorway and makes for her ship] SO LONG, SUCKERS!

Janice: After her!

[Jackson bites Suzie's hand, and Reba intercepts her]

Suzie: No! You shall not have this one, Reba!

[Reba pushes Suzie onto the jet]

Reba: You are a liar.

Suzie: Then let's have at it!

'(last words) This is not the end! I will return once... NO!

More About SuzieEdit

Main article: Suzie

Suzie is a female supervillain, and the primary antagonist in the 2012 sequel to The Man Who Talked to the Wall.

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