Script error Sue Grover (b. 2101) is the sister of Jason and Britney Grover and the granddaughter of Eegan Grover.

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Sue Grover was born in 2101. Shortly before her birth, her older siblings, Jason and Britney were born. It is heavily implied that the three of them got along quite well and had excellent coping skills.

Along with her siblings, Sue went to Palmyra in 2104, where her grandfather, Eegan, lived. Both of them stayed there for several weeks. In July, Sue saw four Flame Atmospheric Assault Landers approach the city. She then alerted the others of the Order's arrival, so Eegan handed Jason the Map of Light. Unable to escape, Jason gave Britney the map and gave both her and Sue an order to hide, before promising he would come back for them. Sue and Britney sprinted away and then hid downstairs. During this time, Eegan was killed, and Britney realized she would have take care of Sue until their parents were back. Sue seemed to be fine with Britney's decision.

Although Jason was captured by the Dark Flame, he eventually returned home. Knowing they needed to return the map to Master Intelligence, all three of them sneaked through the airport and proceeded to stow away aboard an airplane. They left without a trace, and eventually found Master Intelligence and were able to recover the device, rendering it out of the Dark Flame's reach.

Personality and traitsEdit

Sue Grover was playful and had a fun-loving nature, though she was also one to take wars seriously. She sometimes appeared to be scared, but usually for good reason. She also appeared to be intelligent, as she was able to sneak through a high-security airport at the age of three years old (albeit with help from Britney, KM-15, and Jason).


  • "Sue" is short for "Susan", which is the Anglicised form of Susanna, meaning Lily or Rose. The lily is often a symbol of purity.[1] "Grover" derives from a surname meaning "grove of trees" from Old English graf. A famous bearer was the American president Grover Cleveland (1837-1908), who popularized the name in the United States at the end of the 19th century.[2]

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"[The Grover children] were so innocent… and yet they had to participate in the war, like many, many others. I had so much fun developing their personalities, which really are, well, intense."

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