Script error Stephanie Maarx is a popular skyracer, and a friend of Whammo Fireball.

Biography Edit

In 2020, she went with Fireball to assist in bargaining for several young prisoners native to Canada. Eventually, the two succeeded, and loaded the slaves into an electric cage, which they stored in a crate. From there, the two returned to an airport in New York City. Several people became curious and crowded around to watch the two racers’ freighters unload. Studying Maarx’s skyracer, Tyler Grant Jnr could instinctively sense that there was nothing new or important about the changes Stephanie had made, but Whammo’s racer drew his attention, and he soon noticed the new stabilizers that had been installed. Finally, Stephanie had the crate moved to a secure warehouse nearby.

It is unknown quite how she reacted to the prisoners' escape.

Appearances Edit

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