"Near the end of it, you'll see the capture in China. The villain uses Pitial Defilatelum to see if Intelligence had his sword, and then George Thames burst in and rescued them, though he died in the process. It'll be amazing, I promise."
―D. Isaac Thomas[src]

The Skirmish in the Palace of Despair took place near the end of the Asian Revolution. The S.M.S.B. allowed themselves to be captured so they could reach their enemy, Mella Montgomery's, quarters. Mella used the effect of Pitial Defilatelum to see if Master Intelligence's sword had been recovered. Eventually, the others managed to escape capture thanks to George Thames II, who was a blacksmith. However, George was killed in the process.

Prelude Edit

Sometime before 2103, Wesley Carrier returned to live with Rocken Role in his estate. In the latter year, however, Carrier was captured in the night, something Role learned upon waking up. The following year, Role learned that Mella Montgomery was responsible, and immediately boarded a plane to Asia. Renting a car, he prepared to drive to the Palace when he suddenly encountered Master Intelligence and the reformed S.M.S.B., along with Squeazy. After briefly explaining what had happened since 2020, Role revealed that Wesley was captured, and likely killed. Role then left to finish his mission.

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The skirmish Edit

"Help us! We're in the dungeon of the Palace of Despair, help us!"
―Master Intelligence[src]

Wesley Carrier was also in the cellar, having been imprisoned for unknown reasons. Carrier helped cut the new prisoners' bonds using a nail. Master Intelligence could hear Lindsay screaming from above, and frantically searched the pouch around his neck for help. The cell Rocken Role gave him fell to the floor, and Master Intelligence saw a brown eye — later identified as Role's — and screamed for help.

File:Thames teleport.png

In the meantime, Lindsay refused to confirm Shan Montgomery’s death under torture. But Mella thought that they had crippled him and thus he was sent to the hospital. Just after she summoned Ida from her quarters to tell her if Shan was dead at all, George Thames II, a blacksmith, appeared in the dungeon using the teleportation device. Master Intelligence ordered him to take Wesley, Retrowoman, and Squeazy to the home.

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However, when Thames returned to the dungeon, he accidentally brought Retrowoman with him. Because the sound of his teleportation was heard, Sir Roast was sent to investigate the noise. When he arrived, Master Intelligence and Telekinibabe tackled him and Telekinibabe forcefully disarmed Roast. Roast started to strangle Master Intelligence, but he remembered that Master Intelligence's death would be a tragic loss for the world. He slackened his grip, and Sebiscuits fired a death beam into his back, killing the alien.

Just then, Ida confirmed that Shan was dead.[1]

Aftermath Edit

After the entire S.M.S.B. escaped from the Palace of Despair with Wesley Carrier, they took refuge at Role's home.

Master Intelligence arrived at Rocken Role's house to find, to his horror, that George Thames was dying. Thames died in Master Intelligence's arms his last words being that the world would be a better place were the Dark Flame stopped, but whether or not the world was happy, he had to leave it. He subsequently buried the blacksmith in the garden by hand. After Rocken Role assisted in healing Lindsay and Squeazy, they gathered around the grave to give their farewells and thanks to the blacksmith.[1] Role took in the S.M.S.B.

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On 16 June, 2016, D. Isaac Thomas announced the event would occur in The X-Adults: Endgame: The Inferno Relit. Not much was revealed, he explained that it took place near the end of the Asian Revolution. The villain, as he said, used the effect of Pitial Defilatelum to see if Master Intelligence had his sword, and then George Thames II burst in and rescued them, though he died in the process. He promised it would be amazing, but refused any more spoilers.

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