The skirmish in Transylvania Quarters was a skirmish fought between Master Intelligence and the Gladiator.


In 2040, Master Intelligence encountered the Gladiator for the second time within the walls of Transylvania Quarters. After calling Red X back, Master Intelligence engaged the Gladiator in a duel. The Gladiator, however, parried his initial attack and then tortured Master Intelligence with lightning. Releasing the charge, he tried to possess him for good, but Master Intelligence, remembering his better memories, was able to block him out. Seeing the futility of his attack, the Gladiator tried to murder him using his sword. The nature of their swords' mystical connection caused their swords to interlock with the first attack, which created an effect called Pitial Defilatelum (Bladelock Effect). After a battle of wills with the Gladiator, Master Intelligence was interceded by Red X, who blasted the Gladiator away. She then grabbed Master Intelligence's hand and they were able to escape the Manor.

Nearly a year later, the Gladiator took Monroe's sword to prevent the Bladelock Effect from repeating itself.

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