Sir Roast was a lackey under Mella Montgomery. During the Skirmish in the Palace of Despair, he played a key role. In a moment of rare mercy, he hesitated to strangle Master Intelligence. When Roast hesitated, he created an opening that allowed Sebiscuits Cardarphen to kill him.

Biography Edit

Sir Roast became employed as one of the lackeys of Mella Montgomery at a young age, after his mistress became a powerful and influential crime lord. He had allied with the Chinese Empire merely because it was the side that seemed strongest and appeared to be winning, displaying what an opportunist he was. Like Link, he rooted for the Knights of Meyer. Montgomery despised Sir Roast, only keeping him alive because he had proved useful on several occasions. Roast was also present at the wedding of Mella and Shan Montgomery.

In 2103, Sir Roast assisted Mella’s troops in the capture of Wesley Carrier. The following year, at the height of the Shadow Wars, the entire S.M.S.B. was brought to the Palace by a group of scouts led by Zhensheng. When Lindsay lied to Mella under torture about Shan Montgomery's demise, Sir Roast was sent to fetch the counselor Ida from her quarters to get confirmation of the story. When they heard a noise from the cellar below, Roast was sent to investigate.

The noise they had heard was the retire blacksmith George Thames II teleporting away with some of the prisoners in the cellar. When he opened the door, he was tackled by Telekinibabe and Master Intelligence, who had freed themselves of their restraints. Telekinibabe managed to wrestle Roast's sword from him. He began to strangle Master Intelligence, but hesitated when he realized he owed Master Intelligence for ending three different wars. When this happened, he was struck with high-voltage lightning in the back by Sebiscuits Cardarphen, killing him.

Physical description Edit

Sir Roast is a small goblin with green skin and a right eye that is sometimes closed. He wears a black cowl and red skirt.

Personality and traits Edit

Sir Roast is intelligent and fiendish, and is loyal to Mella Montgomery, but also seems to be afraid of her. Indeed, he possessed no true bravery, in spite of the manner in which Roast died as (what some would call dubious) evidence.

At the core of his being, he was self-centered and disloyal. Even Mella Montgomery viewed him with disdain; the only reason why she kept him alive was because he occasionally proved to be useful. He was an opportunist, who allied with the side that seemed strongest and appeared to be winning — thus becoming "friends" with Mella in school, and then leading him to become her servant when the opportunity arose. He was loyal only to himself and acted in whatever his best interest was at the moment.

However, despite his treacherous and cowardly nature, Sir Roast did feel some regret for helping take down China, and he hesitated to kill Master Intelligence when reminded of his life debt, in 2014. Though he quickly tried to undo the moment of weakness, his "tiny merciful impulse" resulted in his being blasted by Sebiscuits. Roast had done this out of gratitude for destroying the Order of the NoHeads. He also realized and admitted that he was a coward saying that he'd never been brave like Link.

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