Sheriff Bladepoint's teacher (fl. 1981) was a male Mexican celebrity who lived during the First NoHead War. It was he who found Bladepoint and the latter's friend and brought them to the Old Police Station.


At some point, the man crafted a staff imbued with a large crystal at its summit.

In 1981, he went to stay at a hotel. When Bladepoint and his friend came there for help, the celebrity revealed to them both that he could help Bladepoint use his surprising potential to fight crime. He offered to train him, and a shocked Bladepoint could not resist. The celebrity took Bladepoint and his friend to his home where he trained Bladepoint to harness his talent and use it to its fullest, and also to learn self-control. Not long after his training was complete, a police fighter picked up their distress signal and rescued the two friends. Departing the celebrity’s home, Bladepoint went to New York City where he would continue his training at the police station. The celebrity was left to his business.