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Then he twisted the angle of his sword and ignited it, and it plunged through the chest of Master Intelligence.

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The Shadow Wars was a major conflict fought in North America ending in 2180. It was started by the Dark mutant the Dark Flame and his followers, the Knights of Meyer, with the intentions of toppling the government, replacing them with their own empire that would control the entire population of Earth and enslave the Fobbles.

Origins Edit

Background and rise to power Edit

"You cannot imagine how his ideas caught me, Lindsay, inflamed me. We had so much in common. Centauri and I, the glorious leaders of the revolution and saviors of the planet."
―Master Intelligence to Lindsay Kellerman[src]

In New York City during the summer of 2042, Master Intelligence, who was grieving the loss of Red X, met Thomas Meyer, the great nephew of his neighbor Myra Gordon. The two boys took to each other at once, as they were both incredibly talented young men. When the young Thomas began telling Master Intelligence about his ideas, he found that Intelligence was in agreement - whether this was due to true belief on Intelligence’s part or out of something else is unclear. Thomas became Centauri when he joined the S.M.S.B. However, he was forced to leave the MBH after he had a duel with Master Intelligence and his students, Baby Strength and Force Baby, in which Force Baby died. Some time after leaving the S.M.S.B. the Dark Flame stole the Sword of Abomination from George Thames II, a famous blacksmith.

Over the coming years, his power grew throughout North America, but he did not dare attempt anything in Asia, as he was afraid of his old friend Master Intelligence, who had become a famous and powerful mutant. Due to his obsession with the Sword of Abomination, the Dark Flame soon used the symbol as the mark of his own organization - the Knights of Meyer, the army of soldiers following him and his quest for an international empire.

History Edit

Early campaigns Edit

After the Dark Flame’s rise to power across North America, the global community desperately sought aid. The state Senator for New York City, Benjamin Fawley, was ousted from his office in 2104, for not taking adequate measures to stop the Dark Flame’s influence. He was replaced by the more proactive Spencer Vowell who proved himself a sound governor in the context of international turmoil, but even so, the Dark Flame’s power was too large to handle by that point.

Team of Terror Edit

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Death of Eegan Grover Edit

Eventually, the S.M.S.B. and the Knights of Meyer both learned that Eegan Grover, who was now retired and living in New York, had the map to the MBH in his possession. Hoping that Eegan could help them defeat the Knights of Meyer, Sheriff Blaster sent Commander Luke Cameron, (the son of Saul Cameron), to search for Eegan, a search that led him to Albany to recover the map. As such, Eegan gave the map to Luke just before the Knights of Meyer arrived. As the Dark Flame arrived with his forces and assaulted the village, Luke fled and Eegan was captured by troops and brought before the Dark Flame. The dark warrior demanded the map to the MBH while Eegan refused. When Eegan did not comply, the Dark Flame killed him with his sword and ordered the complete destruction of the village. Thanks to Luke and Eegan’s collected efforts, however, the map that Eegan gave his life to protect ultimately made its way back to the S.M.S.B. when Luke used it to locate the MBH.

Return of the S.M.S.B. Edit

"Run, cowards, run. You have only prolonged the inevitable."
―The Dark Flame[src]

After seeing a vision of KM-15 being tortured and killed, Master Intelligence discovered the existence of the Knights of Meyer. They immediately returned to New York City from Asia. The subsequent duel in the Acquisition District took place in New York City four months after the Attack on Palmyra. Notable as the return of the S.M.S.B. to North America, the battle was initially intended as the Knights of Meyer raiding on the MBH, based on intelligence gathered by Captain Photon, who led the attack until the Dark Flame arrived. However, the S.M.S.B. was waiting for the assault. As the S.M.S.B. members prepared to hold off the Dark Flame, the Knights of Meyer launched attacks on the MBH but could not enter it. Master Intelligence activated the shield generator before everyone came outside. Realizing the time was right, the Dark Flame called off his forces and entered the wreckage personally, slaughtering Retrowoman and Telekinibabe, and besting Lindsay Kellerman, Sebiscuits and Baby Strength. As the General engaged the last S.M.S.B. member standing, Master Intelligence, a squad of Advanced Recon Commandos, by orders of the Mayor, intervened. As the gunships engaged the Knights of Meyer, Forcier and his team charged into the wreckage, where they quickly forced the Dark Flame to retreat.[1]

With the Dark Flame thus occupied, the surviving ANOCs and S.M.S.B. members retreated. The ANOC troopers, covering their withdrawal, forced Photon to call off the rest of the troops.[1] To Master Intelligence’s relief, he realized that most of his apprentices had survived. Baby Strength was thought dead but had in fact was not. Despite this, he was later found by Master Intelligence, who gladly brought him home.[1] While they retreated, the Dark Flame quietly claimed his trophies from the slain and defeated superheroes. As he watched their gunship vanish into the distance, the Dark Lord mused that they were only prolonging the inevitable.[1]

After the battle, the S.M.S.B. officially joined the war effort against the Knights of Meyer. And yet, the Dark Flame’s reign of terror went on for years.[1]

Mission to Alaska Edit

The Battle of Alaska was a skirmish between the Knights of Meyer and the Maiar League during the Shadow Wars in 2134. The battle ended in stalemate, as a faction of the Knights vanished alongside the League.

During the course of the battle, the Dark Flame dispatched General George to Alaska to investigate. The general and his squad were initially unable to find it and reported back to the Dark Flame, who ordered George to continue searching, as a loss of this magnitude could not be afforded. As the general continued to search for the vanished army, the government unit Excava Company ambushed them. Led by Commander Urvus, the government detachment eliminated George's Knights, though they failed to prevent George from fleeing.

Death in Pennsylvania Edit

The leaders of the Team of Terror, Anakin and Jay Organa were dispatched to help the Team of Terror evacuate the camp they had taken shelter in. A sentry had discovered the presence of the Knights of Meyer and reminded them they were planning to leave anyway. However, the Knights, led by Captain Photon, found them leaving, and the Team of Terror chose to stay and fight. In the skirmish, Photon destroyed a bridge, leading to Jay falling off its edge and to his death. Despite this crippling blow, the Team of Terror was able to defeat the Knights of Meyer, though Captain Photon escaped.

Fall of the Dark Flame Edit

Master Intelligence’s reputation as the most powerful mutant of the era made the community urge his intervention. Intelligence knew he had to fight his former friend but kept pushing the moment until, as he said, only when it would have been too shameful for him to procrastinate any longer. In 2180, the Dark Flame made another attempt to steal the plans for the MBH and he broke into the building. At this moment, Master Intelligence knew he had to fight. When the Dark Flame found the S.M.S.B., Lindsay opened fire, but the Dark Flame countered and knocked her out briefly. Sebiscuits brandished his sword and engaged the Dark Flame in a sword duel, but he was overpowered and incapacitated. Lindsay drew her sword and attacked again. The Dark Flame initially held the advantage, but soon enough Lindsay was reassured of her power and she quickly moved onto the offensive. However, the Dark Flame drew upon his powers and remained in control. Ultimately he defeated Lindsay and dealt her a facial wound.

As Lindsay fell to the ground, Master Intelligence intervened and engaged the villain at close quarters. The resulting three-hour long battle, fought with both swords and superpowers, was one of the most well known duels ever. The fight ended when they both disarmed each other at the same time. Master Intelligence then remembered what they were fighting for and attempted to reason with his former friend. However, the Dark Flame drew his sword and brought it down on Lindsay. Intelligence leaped in front of Lindsay and the sword killed him instead. As Lindsay and Sebiscuits watched, the Dark Flame slammed Intelligence’s corpse through the window for a ten-story fall. Master Intelligence had died at the age of 160.

Lindsay and Sebiscuits engaged the Dark Flame in combat, attacking relentlessly. The Dark Flame easily countered; both sides were evenly matched. At one point, Lindsay and Sebiscuits hurled their swords at him, but the villain deflected both blades. Sebiscuits, making for their opponent’s head, accidentally missed the villain and sliced through Lindsay’s handle. Lindsay was then blasted into the doorway. Sebiscuits furiously rounded on the Dark Flame, attacking with rage, performing heavy power attacks. The Dark Flame easily countered his strikes, but soon began to struggle. With his strength and aggressive technique, Sebiscuits finally overpowered the Dark Flame’s defenses and slammed his own sword against his neck. The antagonist fell back and died.

Aftermath Edit

Without the Dark Flame to lead them, the Knights of Meyer were confused and lost. All immediately went wrong for them after that. Their headquarters were destroyed by bombers, killing many of them. The few survivors were rounded up and arrested by the government fighters, their own enemies. Master Intelligence’s death was greatly mourned by the community. Lindsay Kellerman also became the new leader of the S.M.S.B.

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Because “The X-Adults: Endgame - Part 2” has not been released yet, little is known about the war. In good time, that will change. It was during a 2015 interview that D. Isaac Thomas confirmed the Shadow Wars’ name. He also confirmed the deaths of Master Intelligence and Red X the same year. He stated that it amused him to make allusions of what could truly happen in the future if history was forgotten, only without the superpowers.

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