Two weeks after the Battle of the First NoHead Base, the NoHeads finally resorted to building a new base to serve as their headquarters. 

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Construction Edit

Two weeks after the Battle of the First NoHead Base, the NoHeads finally resorted to building a new base. It was finished in 1994.

Deactivation Edit

Soon after learning of the secret location of the unfinished Second NoHead Base, in 2006, the Police Grand Army met together and formed battle plans for their assault on the Base. The building was protected from any external attacks by a surrounding energy shield projected from the forest just outside Rochester. It would have to be disabled before any forces could engage the battlestation itself.

With that in mind, the police split their forces into two teams, each with separate goals. A small ground squad, consisting of Sheriff Bladepoint, Tyson, Joseph Abernathy, Roxanne Waterston, and numerous other police commandos, was dispatched down to the surface of the forest of Rochester, with the goal of disabling the energy shield. The police fleet, led by Zett, would then arrive to destroy the main reactor of the NoHead Base from the inside: the police fleet would provide a distraction of sorts, engaging the NoHead fleet, while Zett would lead the police inside to accomplish said task.

Eventually, after several cruisers in the police fleet were destroyed, the ground team in Rochester succeeded in destroying the shield projector, with the help of the indigenous forest people, allowing Zett and several police to enter the base. From there, they successfully shut down the base entirely. Just prior to the deactivation, a large amount of the non-essential crew underwent an evacuation order.

The deactivation process caused all the hypermatter to escape the Base, creating a minor wormhole at its collapse. Some of the debris from the sky battle would pass through the wormhole. While some debris ended up in Rhode Island, it is believed that more was dispersed throughout the world. The wreckage that did not enter the wormhole presumably remained where the base once was.

Mykew Hadeline’s residence Edit

In 2009, Mykew Hadeline took up residence in the Second NoHead Base, and was able to reactivate some of the controls.

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