Script error Sean (1991-2020) is a half-blood mutant and a male NoHead. He went to Superhero School, befriending Roger Black and Mykew Hadeline in the process, and upon graduating, began a search for the NoHeads that ended with his registration to their cause in 2014. To cut off any ties with his old life, Mr. Stupid NoHead also murdered Sean's parents. The following day, he also met a fellow NoHead named Annabeth, and while he quickly developed a crush on her, Annabeth did not feel the same way. However, their relationship became much better after he saved Annabeth's life. The two developed a close friendship from there, one of platonic, but not romantic, love.[2] Sean fought in the Battle of the Wasp[3] shortly before his death at the hands of the Police Grand Army.[1]


Early lifeEdit

Sean was born in 1991 to a mutant and a Duffle, making him a half-blood. At some point before 1997, Sean befriended a girl named Bethany Donner.

Superhero School Edit

In 1998, Sean went to Superhero School for several years, where he soon became best friends with fellow student Mykew Hadeline and later Roger Black.[4] During the Battle of Superhero School, Sean, along with Bethany Donner, chose to remain in the school in order to bring Sheriff Bladepoint to Mr. Stupid NoHead. He finally encountered Bladepoint, but too late, and Donner waved him out. Bladepoint, Joseph, and Roxanne spotted Sean pleading with a NoHead that he was on his side, but they ignored him as they had already stumbled upon a similar situation. [5]

Becoming a NoHead Edit

It is unknown what Sean did immediately after his graduation, but he may have joined Roger, who had since become the Gladiator. This is believable, as Roger was Sean's best friend at school. In 2013, he took a 'Grand Tour' around the world in order to hopefully find the NoHeads, partly out of curiosity, partly out of a desire for importance. A year later, his journey proved successful as he did indeed find Brute Gunray, who took him to Mr. Stupid NoHead (though Gunray's motives are unknown). In the NoHead Base, NoHead interrogated him, though Sean insisted that he only wanted to join the NoHeads. Finally, NoHead told him he could join if he could pass a test before him. He took him to NR-327, who attacked Sean with low-energy bullets. Finally, he threw one back via telekinesis, before diving in and ripping apart the robot in a rage. Satisfied, NoHead told him he had passed, and anointed him as a NoHead apprentice.

Before they began the training, Mr. Stupid NoHead took Sean to the latter's home. There, he burst in and killed his parents. Sean was outraged, and angrily turned his lightning upon NoHead. NoHead, however, deflected the attack and told him if his parents meant that much to him, he was not truly NoHead material. Sean apologized and they returned to the NoHead Base, though Sean was still depressed over the loss of his family.

Between the warsEdit

"I must say, darling, I think well of your table manners, pretty girl."
―Sean flirting with Annabeth Black[src]

The following day, he also met Annabeth, and while he quickly developed a crush on her, Annabeth did not feel the same way. This unusual affection was not of the carnal type, but something far more sophisticated — no one else would talk to him at all and he needed someone to latch onto in light of his parents' death. Sean immediately stuttered upon meeting her, telling her she "looked like a nerd. An adorable one." Annabeth became offended, until Sean said he meant that she looked beautiful. Annabeth told her to stop hitting on her. Sean apologized and left. The following day, he joined her at breakfast, where he kept his silence. However, he finally slipped that he "thinks well of [her] table manners, pretty girl". From there, Annabeth punched him so roughly that he fell out of his chair.[2]

In March 2015, Annabeth had a terrible dream about modern pop music. Sean was sleeping nearby when Annabeth woke up and expressed her relief that it was only a dream. Sean asked if she was all right, and Annabeth swore at him, who called her a savage under his breath and went back to sleep.[2]

Two months later, Sean heard Annabeth screaming as a series of vines began to strangle her downstairs. Rushing downstairs, he used a powerful light blast to repel the vines, saving Annabeth's life. Annabeth thanked him for his help, Annabeth thanked him for his help, and Sean apologized for tailing her. He also explained the truth about his feelings for her, believing Annabeth may have mistaken him for simply thinking she was beautiful. He then offered to carry her backpack if she wanted, and Annabeth thankfully approved. From there she was able to see who he really was. The two developed a close friendship from there, one of platonic, but not romantic, love.[2]

Second NoHead WarEdit

Upon learning that Rotta Hecks had successfully captured Mayor Katie Black from New York City, Sean immediately went to intercept them. Although he failed to capture them, he instead chose to help take down the police's power source, which the Wasp was already engaging. With Sean manning a cannon, the cruisers traded turbolaser and proton torpedo fire with the power source Sat point-blank range. Both vessels took heavy damage in the exchange, but the power source ultimately won, sending the Wasp plunging towards the streets. Sean immediately made for an escape pod, and successfully fled the base. When he returned, he found the NoHeads celebrating their success. However, Baby Intelligence and his new friend, Sebiscuits, managed to free the Mayor and escape.[3]

Shortly afterwards, Annabeth was sent to patrol on Pennsylvania, and Sean wished her luck in her task. Mr. Stupid NoHead had told him about Operation: Purge, which made him very excited. Eventually, Rotta communicated with him, telling the NoHead that he needed to go to the Emergency NoHead Base. Mere moments after Rotta left, Sean was contacted by Annabeth. She vented to him that she feared for her safety with police after her, and that she would prefer to travel to the Second NoHead Base with the other NoHeads in a convoy. Sean agreed with this, and promised he would come for her in Pennsylvania. After she left, Sean proceeded to depart for the Emergency NoHead Base.

When the NoHead fleet emerged out of hyperspace at the Emergency NoHead Base, Sean landed his plane, which he was sharing with two other NoHeads, in the base and climbed out of it, where he was surprised to find several chambers where he could settle down, clean up, and have a good meal. After finishing in the shower, Annabeth set off to find Sean. Sean was angry at their situation, as Mr. Stupid NoHead had offered them riches and the chance to rule the world, but now they were on the run, unable to return home for the time being. After finding Annabeth, Sean expressed this to her, who had more faith in NoHead than he did. Just then, NoHead called for them in the central chamber. With a grin, Annabeth told Sean he should reconsider, and then the two joined everyone else, who were regrouping in the chamber. NoHead appeared on a large hologram and told everyone it was safe to return to the NoHead Base. Sean told Annabeth she was right all along, before everyone headed off.

Death Edit

When Sean returned to the NoHead Base, a squad of robot soldiers were waiting for him and the others. They immediately opened fire, tearing down several unsuspecting NoHeads. As Sean telekinetically deflected gunfire, Annabeth took up her sword and cut down the replicas, saving Sean's life in the process. Annabeth immediately fell into Sean's arms, still paralyzed with fear. However, a missile was deployed from the top of the base, hitting both of them and blowing them into oblivion.[6]

Physical description Edit

Sean was very pale, and his hardened skin was slightly transparent. He had wide, staring, black eyes and a gaunt face. He also sported black, frizzy hair and carried his sword under his belt. He had long, dirty fingernails, something that turned off Annabeth Black. Sean spoke in a hoarse whisper.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

Sean was described as a "fierce, hot-tempered man". He insisted on having his way in interactions, responding with violent uncontrolled anger when contradicted. However, he seemed to have a cordial relationship with Mr. Stupid NoHead. He also seems to have a great deal of pride. Sean had tender feelings for Annabeth Black, but was unable to find the right way to let her know.[2]

Powers and abilities Edit

Sean was trained as a NoHead, leaving him to focus more on his fighting skills. He was known to have a clever mind and had an excellent aptitude for theoretical learning, particularly when it came to dark powers (though was less competent in the application of that knowledge). Apart from being proficient in telekinesis, Sean possessed the power of flight, a difficult power that even certain NoHead Masters could not apply with success. Whilst this made him a highly intelligent student and a successful NoHead recruit, he was noted to have gained a significant amount of power after his training as a NoHead. He was apparently skilled with conjuration, a difficult branch of Transfiguration. He was uncommonly gifted with handling wild animals as well.

Sean had a wide knowledge of duffles.


Annabeth BlackEdit

Annabeth body

Annabeth Black, his friend and whom he had a crush on.

Although Sean instantly had a crush on Annabeth Black, Annabeth did not feel the same way. After he saved her from a series of vines, however, the two were able to come clear. From there, he was on good terms with Annabeth. She was his best friend among the NoHead ranks, and he had almost as much respect for her as he did for leading authorities in the group.

Both of them confided in each other their greatest fears, and Annabeth was more than patient in letting Sean vent to her. Sean would return this form of affection. When Annabeth became afraid that two police would kill her in Pennsylvania, she immediately contacted him, telling him that she feared for her safety with police after her, and that she would prefer to travel to the Second NoHead Base with the other NoHeads in a convoy. Sean agreed with her and resolved to come back for her, indicating how much he valued her life. She valued his life as well, as shown when she relentlessly defended him from oncoming robot soldiers. When they returned to the Base, Annabeth got herself clean and immediately searched for Sean, who knew he could comfort her.

Sean was angry at their situation, and expressed this to her, who had more faith in NoHead than her friend did. When they were ambushed by a group of robot soldiers NoHead had turned against them, Annabeth and Sean were the last two survivors. Annabeth immediately fell into Sean's arms, still paralyzed with fear, before both of them were killed via missile. Ultimately, he died in her arms.

Bethany Donner Edit

Sean was friends with Bethany, and he was one of the few people whom she considered to be her equal. However, Sean did not feel compelled to join any gang, including Bethany's. Sean did assist Bethany in the Dark Tower until she felt he was no longer needed and sent him off. It is also said that they had known each other prior to their arrival at Superhero School.

Mr. Stupid NoHeadEdit

Mr. Stupid NoHead

Sean first met Mr. Stupid NoHead in 2014, in the Third NoHead Base, where NoHead subjugated Sean into servitude. However, NoHead did not take kindly to failure or disloyalty from him. Despite Sean's unwavering loyalty, the Dark Lord saw him as little more than a servant to be destroyed when his use for the Grandmaster went dry. In the midst of war, however, Sean's trust in NoHead began to waver, having come to believe he had betrayed him.

Appearances Edit

Notes and references Edit

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