"But the Voodoo Witch… made a sudden slashing movement with his hand from which flew a streak of what looked like purple flame. It passed right across Lindsay’s chest; she gave a tiny “oh!” as though of surprise and then crumpled onto the floor."
―Saron Facilor casting this curse nonverbally on Lindsay Kellerman[src]

This curse was used, and likely invented, by the Voodoo Witch Saron Facilor during the Battle of the Spells in 2022. The curse is cast using "a sudden slashing movement with the hand," causing a streak of purple flame to strike the target. This form of Dark magic carries exclusively harmful effects.


The effects of this Dark curse cause much painful internal injury, making it very dangerous and potentially lethal. Lindsay Kellerman had no visible marks or bleeding from her injury with this curse, but exhibited soreness and constant stomachaches for some time afterward.


"She winced slightly and put a hand to her ribs. The curse Saron had used on her, though less effective than it would have been had he been able to say the incantation aloud, had nevertheless caused, in Joshua Pye's words, "quite enough damage to be going on with." Lindsay was having to take ten different types of medicine every day [...]"
―Description of Lindsay Kellerman's recovery from a nonverbal use of this curse[src]

Saron Facilor discovered this curse, and used it only on opponents who meant to kill him. In 2022, he used the curse twice during the Battle of the Spells, first against Lindsay Kellerman, who was knocked unconscious but survived. Saron would have killed Lindsay if he had been able to say the incantation, but his voice was taken by Force Baby's Force Bind earlier in the battle and the nonverbal version of the curse was not as powerful as it normally would be.

Saron used the curse again against Baby Intelligence later in the battle, but it was blunted by Baby Intelligence's use of an extremely powerful telekinetic deflection. Baby Intelligence described it as a "streak across his face like a blunt knife," and the force of the curse knocked him off his feet. Saron also attempted to use the curse against Force Baby while they were duelling during the battle, but Sebiscuits managed to hit him with a death beam before he could complete the spell, putting the duel to an end.

Afterward, Lindsay had to take no less than ten different medicines daily for an extended period of time, provided by a nurse at NYC Hospital named Joshua Pye.