In sword combat, sai was a jump used by S.M.S.B. members and other mutants to evade an attack directed at the legs.

Methodology and ExamplesEdit

While the primary purpose of the sai was to simply overleap an attack, it could also be applied tactically, such as facilitating retreat or counter-attack. What action the duelist performed depended on the way he jumped, their powers being the main backbone of the strength, height, and speed at which the jump was executed.[1]

For counter-attacking, the sai provided several options. The most common was to use the fall as the fulcrum for an overhand blow, a maneuver demonstrated by Annabeth during her duel with Ronald Noace.[2] Another method of countering involved simply using the height of the jump to attack from above, an example being Matt Cless' midair cartwheeling during his duel with Mr. Demonic NoHead, allowing him to cut at the NoHead.[3] Hell Burnbottom demonstrated a more passive variation of this method during his bout with Baby Strength, flourishing his blade as he leapt to drive back Baby Strength.[4]

The sai has also been applied in more tactical functions, for retreating or outflanking opponents. A technique demonstrated by Baby Strength during his duel with Brute Gunray involved leaping above the opponent and attacking from behind.[5] This method became associated with the Ataru combat form. However, it was not without risk, as the opponent could simply stab upward while the duelist was above them.[6] The sai has also been applied to allow for retreat, the duelist simply leaping away when they overleapt the attack, as shown by Roy Walltalker's retreat from Reba Silo during their rematch, leaping onto an overhead gantry.[7]


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