Rodena was a Makkan guard who lived in the early 20th century. Shortly before Lily Clark was appointed as Empress of his homeworld, he unintentionally killed the Emperor.


Rodena was born somewhere in Makka sometime before 1945. Thanks to the ruler of the planet, Rodena's life was extremely difficult. Eventually, the Emperor made him a servant at his Palace. Rodena was quickly promoted to the rank of guard.

In 1946, Rodena was present in the throne room when the Emperor received a visit from Lily Clark, who had teleported to Planet 12 by accident and convinced Bemb to take her to him. Upon entering the throne room, Rodena joined the guards that surrounded Lily, though he was pointing his weapon precariously towards the King. Seeing this, Lily cleverly pulled out a feather and held it up behind him, pretending to put her arm around him affectionately. Rodena was initially confused by her seemingly affectionate gesture, but then he sneezed, just as Lily predicted. The sneeze caused Rodena's hand to lurch forward, pushing the trigger and shooting the Emperor squarely in the heart.

Looking ahead, Rodena immediately cheered. Like everyone else, he was ecstatic at the end of his oppression, and held Lily in high regard for her feint. Charlien then appointed Lily as their holdout ruler, and when Lily prepared to seat herself, Bemb attempted to tell her how her felt, but ended up stuttering out a reference to her wit. Although Bemb was disappointed in his failure, he chose to follow her on Charlien's suggestion. He approached her throne and spoke to her, somewhat nervously. As Rodena realized what he is trying to say, he motioned to Lily, who then invited Bemb to sit by her at the following feast that night. Bemb also participated in Lily's tests. Rodena realized that Bemb was hitting on her, and motioned to Lily. Lily, who finally realized what was going on, was able to silence Bemb's fears. Rodena and Bemb sat on either side of Lily during a massive banquet that followed, and during the event, he was honored by Lily for his work. The day after the feast, Rodena assisted in testing Lily, and her dictatorship over the planet became official.

Personality and traitsEdit

Little is known about Rodena's personality, besides that he was able to quickly deduce that Bemb was hitting on Lily. He also appears to be very calm.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

It has been hinted that Rodena has powers of telekinesis, as he used it to impress Lily by levitating a drumstick to her plate.