The Blabberish SingerEdit

Ama quesst mansta thola.

–Role (in blabberish)

What... happened?


The X-Adults: Endgame - Part 2Edit

Rocken Role: In 2022, I worked for NYC Music, the record label that started my career. In 2024, I also produced for Coldplay.
Master Intelligence: Aren't they a band?
Rocken Role: Yes. In 2027, I was featured with Rebecca Black.
Master Intelligence: The ARK dropout?
Rocken Role: The following year, we made a new single. We contributed the earnings to find a singer killed mysteriously during the Second NoHead War. It was Augustus Salt, a Knight of Plague. I was a guest star for Disney for several months. Then I met Wesley Carrier while watching Lady Gaga perform... (begins crying)
Master Intelligence: What's wrong?
Rocken Role: They took him! Mella Montgomery!
Master Intelligence: Montgomery? Who's she?
Rocken Role: The Empress of China, and by extension, Asia itself. She's a tyrant!
Master Intelligence: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Lindsay: The Palace of Despair. Let's do this!

They're beautiful, aren't they?


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