Rita Radcliffe (b. 1934) was a celebrated author who specialized in writing textbooks related to mutantry. The collection titled Radcliffe's Guide to Mutantry were Superhero School textbooks written by her. She also wrote an Herbalism guide.

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Rita Radcliffe was born in 1934, somewhere in the United States of America. Her family was relatively wealthy by the time she arrived. In her youth, she received formal instruction, attending Superhero School from approximately 1941 to 1952. Radcliffe found the complicated instructions and abstruse concepts in her "old-fashioned textbooks" rather hard to understand.

After her schooling, in which she self-admittedly "struggled", Radcliffe realized that the help she had needed as a young girl simply did not exist. In response to this, she made a living by writing school textbooks all the while striving to make her writings both scientifically correct and academically useful, but also appealing and plain enough to be understood without too much difficulty, allowing every student to be in possession of knowledge about "basic and not-so-basic" mutantry.


It was around this time that Radcliffe penned the Radcliffe's Guide to Mutantry series, a collection of textbooks that have been regularly requested at Superhero School[1], as well as Commonwealth School of Mutantry, further attesting to the prestige of Radcliffe's works. Radcliffe has also published a comprehensive encyclopedia of Herbalism[2].

In recognition of her efforts in the teaching of mutantry, Rita Radcliffe was immortalized in a Holocard bearing her effigy and achievements.

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Radcliffe seemed to be masterful in the ways of mutantry, writing several books to assist in educating young mutants worldwide. She was also well-versed in Herbalism.

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Rita is a short form of the name Margarita[3], a Latinate form of the name Margaret. The name is derived from the Greek μαργαρίτης, margarites, meaning "pearl."[4]

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