Script error Rionach Saya (née Allen) (d. circa 1699) was an Irish mutant. She was the mother of Ida Saya Stewart, who was one of the founders of Commonwealth School of Mutantry.



Rionach was one of the founders of Superhero School. She was born into the Irish branch of the Allen family. In 1693, she married a mutant, William Saya, and was living at a cottage in Coomloughra, County Kerry, Ireland. Their daughter, Ida, was born that year.

She and her husband loved their daughter very much and were quietly helpful to their Muggle neighbors, producing cures for humans and livestock alike. She did not seem to share her family's belief in their superiority.

However, when Ida was five, William and Rionach were killed in a fire made by her estranged sister, Gormlaith Allen, who "saved" Isolt with the intention of raising her with a belief in mutant superiority.[1]


Ida eventually fled Gormlaith and moved to the New World where she befriended a goblin who she named William in honor of her father. Rionach had two granddaughters through Ida's marriage to James Stewart, Mary and Rionach Stewart, as well as two grandsons by adoption, Chadwick and Webster Root.


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