This sword was wielded by Retrowoman while the latter served the S.M.S.B. She built it during the Asian Revolution, in 2103. Master Intelligence trained her to use it, despite her having less proficiency in the martial skills and combat arts than the other much more experienced S.M.S.B. members.

When Retrowoman and the other members of the S.M.S.B. were captured by Imperial scouts and brought to the Palace of Despair, her sword was kept with the other captured weapons. Like all the other members, however, she reclaimed it.

During the duel in the Acquisition District, Retrowoman wielded it for the last time. When the Dark Flame invaded the MBH, she drew the weapon and joined the others. However, her fear finally overcame her and she rushed out of the wreckage to face the enemy leader. The Dark Flame appeared from above Retrowoman, landing on the young woman and crushing her to death, along with her sword.

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