Script error Qamar (2008-2019) was a Dark mutant and NoHead Recruit. Born with a powerful connection to the dark side, he lost both of his parents at a very young age. Therefore, he became a NoHead, as Mr. Stupid NoHead was recruiting mutants to join him in his quest for domination. While training with several other NoHeads, Qamar made quick friends with Sean, and made his peace with Annabeth, who was indirectly responsible for the death of his father. In 2019, Qamar was gunned down by a robot soldier.[1][2]


Early LifeEdit

Qamar lived during the height of the First NoHead War. He was born with a powerful connection to the dark side. In his youth, Qamar was considered to have an unusual amount of luck, and he usually made the correct decisions. He possessed raw talents associated with his inner powers, namely improved reaction time and physical strength. However, his mother, Abigail, was killed while protecting innocents from mercenaries, leaving her husband, Ken, to raise Qamar alone.

Between the WarsEdit

When a recently appointed NoHead named Annabeth learned of Abigail's fight with the slavers, a large military force was deployed to Bridgeton under the command of Mr. Stupid NoHead himself. During the battle, NoHead defeated Ken in a brief duel and discovered the latter's son. Seeing his father's death, Qamar demonstrated his reflexive telekinesis by pulling NoHead's sword out of his hand. Impressed by Qamar's potential in the dark side, NoHead abducted the younger Qamar shortly after he killed the boy's father and a squad of robots in order to keep Qamar's existence a secret. Mr. Stupid NoHead was recruiting NoHeads to join him in his quest for domination. As such, he endeavored to teach the ways of the dark side to his new disciple, whom he first controlled through fear before training Qamar to harness his anger and other base emotions.[2]

Qamar trained with several other NoHeads, and made quick friends with Sean. Shortly afterwards, Sean introduced him to Annabeth, and while Qamar detested her for her role in Ken's demise, she pointed out that without her, he would not be a NoHead either. Qamar forgave her from there, and left with Sean.[2]

Battle of California Edit


In response, a basalisk emerged. Annabeth used Viper control to get rid of it, but it was ineffective.

After the battle ended, Qamar's wounds, caused by the sword that stabbed him, were healed by Annabeth.

Second NoHead War Edit

In 2019, Mr. Stupid NoHead told Qamar about Operation: Purge, which made him very relieved. Qamar retreated to his private quarters, but then Rotta Hecks showed up and told him that he needed to return to the Emergency NoHead Base. Qamar accepted, and quickly departed for the Emergency NoHead Base.

When the NoHead fleet emerged out of hyperspace at the Emergency NoHead Base, Qamar exited his cruiser after Sean landed it. Upon doing this, he was surprised to find several chambers where he could settle down, have a good meal, and clean up. After finishing in the shower (with Annabeth next in line), Qamar set off to find Sean. When he did, he found his friend already speaking with Annabeth. He heard enough to learn that Sean was angry at their situation, as Mr. Stupid NoHead had offered them riches and the chance to rule the world, but now they were on the run, unable to return home for the time being. Annabeth had more faith in NoHead than her friend did. Just as Qamar was about to call their name, Mr. Stupid NoHead called for them in the central chamber. Annabeth told Sean he should reconsider, and her grin "nearly blew [Qamar] away." From there, the three joined everyone else, who were regrouping in the chamber. NoHead appeared on a large hologram and told everyone it was safe to return to the NoHead Base. Qamar greeted Annabeth before everyone headed off.

When Qamar returned to the NoHead Base, however, a squad of robot soldiers were waiting for him and the others. They immediately opened fire, tearing down Qamar, who never saw this coming. The robots proceeded to tear down several unsuspecting NoHeads.[1]

Personality and Traits Edit

It is unknown what Qamar was like before the NoHeads, but what is known is that he had good judgement and when he stood against Mr. Stupid NoHead, wielding the NoHead's own sword against him, he did so out of a desire for vengeance after his father's murder. This desire marked Qamar's first step towards the dark side, and NoHead recognized this in him. Despite this desire for vengeance, he was not yet completely fallen, still having little tolerance for the murder of innocent people. All of these traumatic events would cause Qamar to repress all of his childhood memories, though his initial step towards the Dark side remained a permanent part of his personality for much of his life.[2]

Mr. Stupid NoHead first controlled Qamar through fear before training Qamar to harness his anger and other base emotions. He still had a vengeful streak, however, as he still hated Annabeth for her role in his father's demise. It is also notable how well he got along with the likes of Sean. Like Annabeth, he harbored a hatred for the police and was pleased at the foretelling of Operation: Purge.[1]

Powers and Abilities Edit

Qamar was beyond proficient in telekinesis, and even as a child performed it with incredibly quick reflexes. This was shown when he used his powers to disarm Mr. Stupid NoHead. From there, NoHead abducted him and he learned many new skills as a NoHead.[2]



Qamar's relationship with Ken and Abigail are mostly unclear, though they seemed to be on good terms. When Qamar's mother died, he was very upset.[2]

Mr. Stupid NoHeadEdit

Mr. Stupid NoHead 2

Mr. Stupid NoHead

Qamar first met Mr. Stupid NoHead in 2015, in his home, where NoHead subjugated Qamar into servitude. However, NoHead did not take kindly to failure or disloyalty from him. Despite Qamar's unwavering loyalty, the Dark Lord saw him as little more than a servant to be destroyed when his use for the Grandmaster went dry. In the midst of war, however, Qamar remained very trusting, and refused to believe Sean that they had been betrayed.[2]

Annabeth Edit

Annabeth body

Annabeth, a close friend.

Qamar first met Annabeth after Sean introduced her. Recently, her actions as a spy had indirectly led to the death of the boy's parents. Initially, Qamar detested her for her role in Ken's demise. Annabeth calmly pointed out that without her, he would not be a NoHead either. From there, Qamar forgave her. They saw each other rarely, but they still seemed to like each other.[2]

Kenzie Edit

During Qamar's service as a NoHead, it became blatantly clear that Kenzie had a huge crush on him. Though the feeling moderated over time, until 2017 she was too shy and nervous around him to speak to him comfortably. Annabeth helped Kenzie by advising her to be more like herself around Qamar. Until her death, Kenzie never completely gave up on the hope that Qamar would reciprocate her affections.


Notes and References Edit

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