Planet 12 was a planet located just outside the Solar System.


The natural terrain of Planet 12 is generally volcanic, with very few plants. An entire half of the planet is covered with many mechanical facilities, where most of the aliens live. Notable locations include Makka, the International capitol, and the Imperial Palace for which Lily Clark lived.


Dark EmpireEdit

From 1909 to 1946, the Emperor ruled Planet 12 from inside his palace. Noted for his cruel and tyrannical nature, he made life extremely difficult for the aliens, meting out harsh punishments for the smallest misdeeds. Men who dared to stand up to him were never seen again. When a Makkan named Bemb did not bow low enough, the Emperor made him a servant at his Palace, though the latter soon became a guard. Many aliens died out, and the inhabitants believed everything they loved would be destroyed.

Lily Clark's ReignEdit

In 1946, Lily accidentally teleported to Planet 12, where she encountered an Makkan guard named Bemb. The guard finally warmed up to her, and found himself willing to tell her how tyrannical the Emperor of their planet was. Using her charm, Lily was able to convince him to take her to the Palace. Upon finding the Emperor in the throne room, Lily was surrounded by armed guards. Aware of what the planet had to endure, she tricked Rodena into shooting down the Emperor. The aliens were estastic at the end of their oppression, and held Lily in high regard for her feint. Thousands of aliens that had been alerted to the Palace immediately bowed to her from outside, honoring her as the hero of Planet 12. Lily was then appointed as their holdout ruler by Charlien. After taking the throne, Lily chose to keep the teleportation device in tow.[1]

After that event, Lily settled on Planet 12, becoming the Empress of the planet. Although Lily was not used to the unusual supply of technology, she soon found many uses for it. As one of her first acts as Empress, Lily appointed Bemb as the Captain of the Guard. Lily, who spent most of her time secluded in her Palace, also made it a priority to learn the dialect of her people. [1] Finally, Lily returned the teleportation device to Earth through Makkalian. In the 1960s, Mr. Demonic NoHead traveled to Planet 12, hoping to convince Lily to associate herself with the NoHeads. Lily debated with Demonic, but she saw the NoHeads as nothing more than a childish rebellion and refused to help him. Finally, Demonic left furiously via Appiration. Some time afterwards, Lily entered into a partnership with the weapons dealer Tyber Iavanna. However, Iavanna moved to kill her in the end, and Lily suffered a rare defeat when Mesakk switched sides for triple pay and Tyber and Urai were able to destroy the Robota Mark II. Tyber killed Lily’s men and forced the administrator to agree to a ceasefire that called off the bounty on his head.[1]

Lily continued as the successful ruler of Planet 12. She allowed Charlien, the Prince of Planet 12, to remain in the throne room with her, and she finally began training him personally and instructed him in the ways of martial arts. Finally, she hired someone else to do this and resumed position on her throne. Lily continued ruling Planet 12 until she became sick in 2046. Before she died, Lily requested that Charlien be crowned the next King.[2]

Charlien's ReignEdit

Lily's request was accepted, and Charlien became the new King.[2]

Annie McRae's VisitEdit

At one point, Annie McRae came to the planet, though she was taken back to Earth.

Second NoHead WarEdit

In 2019, a female administrator sent an alien warrior to invade Earth, for which she and the other members of the Grand Council would then join him. He was required to give the signal for their arrival. When he arrived, Peter Hecks climbed into the spaceship he had come there in and finally took over, blowing up the UFO in quick order. The alien's death ultimately prompted leading authorities on Planet 12 not to risk such an aggressive move a second time. In addition, Peter Hecks' extraordinary talent was discovered as a result of the fight, setting the stones to end three different wars and purge any factions in four other countries.


Planet 12 was home to several different species, though Makkans and Tsurbs made up the majority. They also had a Human ruler for several years. Their dialect was similar to English.


Imperial PalaceEdit

The Imperial Palace was originally the Palace of the Republic. During the Dark Empire, it became the Emperor's official residence and was drastically expanded, becoming the largest building on Planet 12. When Lily Clark became the Chief of the planet, she lived in the Palace.



Notes and ReferencesEdit

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