The Reverse Effect (Pitial Defilatelum) was a natural effect that forced a weapon of similar design to show an "echo" of the most recent victim it had gone against. It occurred as an unintended consequence of two weapons of identical design, material, and in relatively modern cases, energizers, having to duel each other, and resulted in the winner's weapon forcing the loser's weapon to reproduce "echoes" of the most recent victims it had gone against in reverse order.


When a duel occurred between contestants whose weapons shared the same energizer, design, or material, simultaneous attacks between both parties would trigger a rare, powerful effect called Pitial Defiliatetum. Both weapons locked together and the users would find themselves unable to break free as their bodies became linked through a single, golden thread of energy. Hundreds of smaller golden beams shot off from this central thread to form a cage around the duelists.

The two weapon holders were then forced to compete in a battle of wills. When one weapon managed to overcome the other, it forced the losing weapon to regurgitate "echoes" of the most recent people the weapon had come up against, in reverse order.

Such "echoes" retained the "appearance and character" of the former subject. They were able to hold conversations and could remember the events leading up to and following their deaths (if they died at all). However, these "echoes" were not ghosts, nor were they considered to be returning the deceased person from the dead.

History Edit

Three years after a first unsuccessful encounter that nearly triggered the effect, Master Intelligence encountered the Gladiator along with Red X. After calling Red X back, Master Intelligence engaged the Gladiator in a duel. In the duel, their swords (which both contained energizers made of space rock) became connected, triggering Pitial Defiliatetum. The Gladiator's sword was ultimately overcome by Master Intelligence's, causing it to release "shadows" of people he had killed, attacked, or dueled with it: Harriet Swenson, unknown others, and Master Intelligence himself. Just then, Red X blasted the Gladiator aside and escaped with Master Intelligence.

During the capture in China, Mella Montgomery used this effect to see if Master Intelligence's sword had been recovered.

Behind the scenesEdit

D. Isaac Thomas once revealed that Telekinibabe and Lindsay Kellerman had the same energizer, which was steel. Their swords never locked because they never fought each other and were friends through and through.

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