Script error Phillip Murch was a public official that represented the U.S. Government. It is unknown what happened to him after 2041.

Biography Edit

Phillip Murch was a public official who represented the government, and thus had an extent of power upon him. On most occasions, during the day, Phillip sat at the security desk on the left side of the Atrium, checking visitors with a scanner and registering their weaponry before giving them clearance to enter. Phillip seemed to find this portion of his job very tedious.

Phillip apparently also worked the night shift on occasion. He caught Russell Stewart trying to break into the Hall of Domination at one o'clock in the morning on 30 November, 2041, and arrested him on charges of trespass and attempted robbery. It is not known if Phillip was still at his post during the Shadow Wars.

Physical description Edit

Phillip Murch's hair was poorly maintained. When on duty, Phillip wore peacock-blue robes.

Behind the scenes Edit

Phillip Murch was featured on a conceptual art for The X-Adults: Endgame: The Latest Threat. However, he will not be featured in the actual book.

Etymology Edit

The name "Phillip" is derived from Latin Philippus, from Greek Philippos "fond of horses," from philos "beloved, loving" plus hippos "horse". In the 16th century, Philip and Cheyney was a way to say "any two common men."

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