Ort Hickson (2007-2013) was a male NoHead student enrolled in the NoHeads' academy in the Third NoHead Base near the end of the First NoHead War. [1]


A mutant discovered early in life, Ort Hickson was given to the NoHeads in 2009 for education in the ways of the dark side. Sorted into a clan at the Fifth NoHead base, trainee Ort remained at the base as many of his instructors fought and died during the First NoHead War.[1]

When Paige rallied the police to ambush the NoHeads in 2013, Ort Hickson was present with his clan at the NoHead base when the police marched up the front staircase. Seeking refuge in the High Tower high atop one of the base, he and his peers were shocked when Paige walked into the chamber. The children remained hidden, but to no avail when Paige drew her sword and slew the students, beginning with Ort.[1]


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