The NoHead Movement was a minor event that took place in 2014.


After the NoHead Cataclysm wiped out almost all of the NoHeads, Mr. Stupid NoHead, who had survived with his sons, became determined to repair the damage and return the NoHeads to dominance when the time was right. He recovered the corpse of his father, Mr. Crooked NoHead, and realized he was the new Grandmaster of the NoHeads.

The MovementEdit

Thanks to Mr. Stupid NoHead, a new organization of robot soldiers resurfaced on New York City in 2014, as a resistance against the government. These robots attacked the government in the State Capitol. They were repelled by members of the Government Defense Army, including Emily Fiennes. Some of the people present even joined the robot organization. Nevertheless, the Defense Army took down the resistance with Sheriff Bladepoint’s help. Because the NoHeads were gone and Mr. Stupid NoHead had “disappeared”, everyone believed the robots were acting without orders, despite Bladepoint’s protests that NoHead was still on the grounds.


Following the battle, every official recording of the NoHead Cataclysm was erased and the Base remained virtually untouched as a monument to the government’s power as well as a warning to their enemies, with the primary exception of the NoHead library. The room’s contents were stripped bare, looted, or vandalized beyond any chance of retrieval as time passed after the Operation. The only official records of the battle came from printed sources, more specifically an article on the police by Commander Max Tennar, included in a Handbook. No battle damage or vandalism was ever repaired. The only addition was a landing platform, made to replace the destroyed hangar, which jutted out of the side of the structure. The building was used to store swords taken from many slain NoHeads, among them Mrs. Wretched NoHead’s - that is, until NoHead recovered them and used them as emergency blades. Eventually, NoHead charged Mean King with finding duplicate examples of documents recovered from the ruined Archives to authenticate the findings.


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