"Sebiscuits, did I ever tell you that there used to be many NoHeads? Paige led the police to ambush and massacre them. At age 9! [...] Only one survived. And I'm sure you know who that was."
―Baby Intelligence explains the Purge to Sebiscuits[src]

The NoHead Cataclysm, which took place in 2013 immediately before the end of the First NoHead War, was the last conflict of the war. After wandering around the front of the NoHead base and nearly being killed for it, a child named Paige rallied the police to help her destroy them. Together, Paige and the police stormed the NoHead base. This massacre marked the end of the NoHeads. Every single NoHead was killed except for Mr. Stupid NoHead and his sons. He managed to drive the police out, and within thirty-five minutes of the Purge’s inception, most of the NoHeads were wiped out.

During the fighting, Paige altered a beacon that alerted any NoHeads who were not home to return to the base to assist the besieged NoHeads of a police ambush, where a garrison of policemen lay in wait to finish them off. All of the NoHeads complied and were killed by squads of police. With the operation’s completion, the bodies of the slain NoHeads were publicly burned in a massive pyre.


In August, in the summer of 2013, Paige, now nearing her ninth birthday, woke up in the middle of the night and chose to go on a walk. During this, she saw a group of NoHeads led by grandmaster Mr. Crooked NoHead rendezvousing at the entrance of their base. Listening in, Paige figured enough to learn that the master was planning to blow up the police station with detonators in a crucial step to retake the world. Paige thought she must report this to the police at once, but before he could successfully flee Mr. Crooked NoHead caught her eavesdropping. Mr. Crooked NoHead welcomed her into the room and, after a brief confrontation, attempted to kill her. Paige countered the subsequent death beam with a force field, causing them to rebound. Paige managed to flee the base, and rallied the message to the police.

Paige rallied the police and convinced them to help her destroy the NoHead menace once and for all. To do this, she also brought up an invasion on the Town Hall that had been narrowly backfired.

The AttackEdit

The Battle BeginsEdit

Paige and the police were transported to the NoHead base in several police cruisers that stayed over the city throughout the operation. Marching silently to the gates of the base with the police, Paige was met by Gate Master Mr. Dire NoHead, whom Paige killed. She then led the police inside. After entering the base, Paige then demanded that one NoHead draw a sword and be killed, claiming that the NoHead’s plot to overthrow the government had failed. Paige killed the NoHead, took his sword, and proceeded to stalk through the halls. She eliminated any NoHeads she encountered while destroying any robot soldiers she met that were guarding the NoHead base.

As the police dispersed throughout the base’s vaulted halls at Sheriff Bladepoint’s direction, Paige took a small group of policemen to capture the communication center. There, Hell Burnbottom, weary from research, awoke to smoke and a battle raging in the base. Seeing the police in the halls surrounding the control center, he felt their intent and fled deep into the base.

Upon approaching the library, the police called Paige and said they were on their way to regroup with her. Paige then engaged two NoHeads in sword combat. Despite her relative lack of experience, Paige was able to defeat them. Paige then ordered the police to go and destroy their ships to ensure none escaped. Paige rooted the dormitories for any survivors, yet she found none, to her satisfaction. Thinking quickly, Paige posted police at all exits to ensure that no NoHeads could leave or enter to aid the NoHeads. Paige rooted out any remaining NoHeads that were hidden in the library while the troops placed themselves.

Hell Burnbottom sensed his grandmother’s death. In tandem, he also identified Paige as the perpetrator of this massacre. This heightened his will to survive, which he did by utilizing passageways he had learned of from Mr. Stupid NoHead earlier.


The police charged into the foyer to meet with heavy resistance from NoHead personnel, eventually clearing the foyer of resistance. They were then ordered to pacify an underground chamber and defend computer files from NoHeads that were trying to destroy them until a content download could be performed to capture needed information. But as soon as the police had done so, a NoHead activated a force field that trapped Paige.

Once Sheriff Bladepoint had disabled the shields, Paige was able to kill the NoHead. After cutting down a squad of robots, Paige used a force field to break her way into a study hall, where her party eliminated several NoHead students. When robotic fighters were launched in an attempt to cut down the police, Paige boarded a one-man fighter and pursued, shooting them down before they could cause trouble. Once she finished off the last ship, she flew the fighter to the communication center at the summit of the astronomy tower. She altered and broadcast a beacon ordering all NoHeads to return to the NoHead base on Mr. Crooked NoHead’s command because the base was in danger, leading any who heeded the call to their death at the hands of the police. Meanwhile, Mr. Crooked NoHead managed to penetrate upper-level defenses, and Paige chose to deal with him, ordering nearby police to guard the beacon with their lives.

Before tracking down Mr. Crooked NoHead, Paige made her way to a series of briefing rooms, where Mrs. Gruesome NoHead confronted Paige and engaged her in a duel. Jumping on a catwalk, Gruesome attempted to escape, but Paige fired a force field that slammed her through a wall and plummeting to the ground outside.

As the remaining NoHeads realized that the base was lost, they began to escape through the Base Precinct. Paige made her way to the base of the fortress, where she found Mr. Crooked NoHead guarding a group of fleeing students he had been instructing in sword combat in Room B-114. After murdering two of NoHead’s trainees, the girl entered a duel with the NoHead Master alongside his remaining student. After some time dueling, NoHead ordered the student to retreat, beginning to duel Paige personally. Paige killed the NoHead by hurling him into a wall via missile. The squad of police accompanying Paige then blasted at the other students that Crooked was protecting, killing them. Ms. Bitter NoHead had also been assigned to protect a group of trainees. She was caught by Paige and, after a brief duel, was struck down.

The Raid ContinuesEdit

Meanwhile, the police secured the Central Meeting Room and fought the NoHead Security Force in the main hall. Paige then returned from her duel with Mr. Crooked NoHead and commended the police. As they focused the brunt of their attack on the hall, three NoHeads, one of whom was an alien, entered the main hall in a final attempt to repel the police. The NoHeads came out in a sudden charge against the police, but despite their assault, the three were eventually killed along with their allies by the cops. Paige ascended an elevator to search the dormitories for more survivors, and it was there that she found an entire clan of students. A young boy, Ort Hickson, asked Paige why she was attacking the base. In answer, Paige executed the entire group.

Mr. Stupid NoHead's Intervention Edit

After hiding for some time, Mr. Stupid NoHead made for the control bunker to learn the password that Paige had changed. Now that he had it, he headed down to find the police. Meanwhile, the police were finally finished with their mission. They located Paige and prepared to leave. However, upon her arrival, NoHead, still hidden in the shadows, telekinetically closed the doors of the bunker, trapping the police within. He then disarmed Paige before revealing himself. Sheriff Bladepoint fired on him, but NoHead deflected the blasts and injured Bladepoint terribly. Engaging in a rampant killing spree, NoHead destroyed the police whilst also utilizing lightning, death beams, wormholes, and NoHead magic to achieve this. Finally, and with Paige and Sheriff Bladepoint to flank them, the police finally retreated, left with no other options.


Paige went to the NoHead base months after the massacre to retrieve some information on rumored data pads that had possibly been hidden somewhere in the library’s vaults. Upon reflection, Paige felt guilty for all the killings, but still she believed that her actions were like any duty she had performed before: she had completed it to the best of her ability and felt no remorse for any of those she killed. In fact, she felt that her mission was more righteous than anything she had done for her friends. In reality, Paige had gone to the NoHead base to accept the killings committed there, so she could move past it, becoming stronger, and so that she would become docile in her current life.

Around that time, Mr. Stupid NoHead, who was determined to repair the damage and return the NoHeads to dominance, recovered the corpse of his father, Mr. Crooked NoHead, and realized he was the new master of the NoHeads. Thanks to NoHead, a new organization of robot soldiers surfaced on New York City in 2014, a resistance against the government. These robots attacked the government in the State Capitol. Some of the people present even joined the robot organization. Nevertheless, the police took down the resistance with Sheriff Bladepoint’s help. Because NoHead had “disappeared”, everyone believed the robots were acting without orders, despite Bladepoint’s protests.

Following the battle, every official recording of the battle was erased and the Base remained virtually untouched as a monument to the government’s power as well as a warning to their enemies, with the primary exception of the NoHead library. The room’s contents were stripped bare, looted, or vandalized beyond any chance of retrieval as time passed after the Operation. The only official records of the battle came from printed sources, more specifically an article on the police by Commander Max Tennar, included in a Handbook. No battle damage or vandalism was ever repaired. The only addition was a landing platform, made to replace the destroyed hangar, which jutted out of the side of the structure. The building was used to store swords taken from many slain NoHeads, among them Mrs. Wretched NoHead’s - that is, until NoHead recovered them and used them as emergency blades. Eventually, NoHead charged Mean King with finding duplicate examples of documents recovered from the ruined Archives to authenticate the findings.


  • Virtual destruction of the NoHeads

Behind the Scenes Edit

While the event was introduced in The Super Babies: Prequel III: The S.M.S.B., its name went unknown until 21 November, 2016. There, D. Isaac Thomas explained that Paige was tough, but not in a way that was particularly terrifying and continued with "...the NoHead Cataclysm showed that she's willing to commit genocide if pressured into it. [...] A purge like that needs a official name among in-universe history, right?"


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