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Two young New Yorkian children and their parents were nearly murdered by Mr. Stupid NoHead during a vicious manhunt.

Biography Edit

In 2019, Mr. Stupid NoHead came to their home, as he suspected their parents of sheltering Paige Nelson, and Sebiscuits Cardarphen, who was forced to come along. Mr. Stupid NoHead tied their father to a pole and ordered Cardarphen to kill him, despite the man being innocent of any crime. However, Sebiscuits refused, and NoHead angrily killed him instead. However, an appalled Cardarphen intervened and rescued the children, along with their mother. Mr. Stupid NoHead attempted to execute Cardarphen, and, after presuming him dead, continued on the manhunt.

Behind the scenes Edit

Because these children only appear in a deleted scene that is non-canon, and there are no millers in New York City, they are easy to consider non-canon.

Appearances Edit