NR-2224: "Stop! Don't let them - "
NR-0000/1010: "Don't shoot! That level is filled with fuel!"
— NR-0000/1010 calls of an order from NR-2224[src]

NR-2224 was a robot soldier who was on his post during the Second NoHead War. He was with the robot soldiers that accompanied Annabeth during the Battle of the Wasp. After Baby Intelligence and Sebiscuits found them in a hallway, intent on rescuing Mayor Katie Black from captivity, NR-2224 joined the other robots in firing on the babies. However, the babies deflected the attacks and managed to escape through a vent leading into the level below them. NR-2224 ordered the robots not to let the two escape, but fellow robot NR-0000/1010 saw that said level was filled with fuel and opposed the order, shouting at the robots to hold fire. After the Wasp was destroyed, it can be assumed that NR-2224 was destroyed as well.

Behind the ScenesEdit

"Leaping down, Baby Intelligence heard robot NR-2224 shouting, 'Stop! Don't let them... ' before he was cut off by NR-0000-1010."

NR-2224 was first identified in the novelization of The Super Babies: Prequel II: The Second Hero.