NR-1119 was an F7 war robot, who eventually found himself in command of his own squad alongside RC-3.


After his creation, NR-1119 served as a Sergeant in the ranks of the war robots. However, in 2019 or sometime prior, Mr. Stupid NoHead personally put him in command of the robots for his performance and intelligence.

When Operation: Purge was put into effect in 2019, NR-1119 participated with the rest of the robots in the Attack on the Police Station — the utter destruction of the police station and the massacre of its occupants. During this mission, he led the legion under the command of the newly-anointed NoHead Sebiscuits Cardarphen. While the operation was still being carried out, NR-1119 stood by as NR-0000/1010 barred Sheriff Bladepoint from entering. A moment later, they were attacked by Zett, who dismantled NR-1119. However, Zett was then killed by NR-0000/1010.


In combat, NR-1119 was known to wield a carbon gun or a standard rifle.