Script error Ms. Disturbing NoHead (c. 1970s1991) was a mutant, possible girlfriend of Mr. Horrendous NoHead, and a student at Superhero School during the 1980s. After graduating from Superhero School, she became a NoHead. She fought in several battles during the First NoHead War. Towards the end of the war she was pursued by members of the Police Grand Army and was killed by Joseph while trying to resist arrest.


Ms. Disturbing NoHead attended Superhero School in the 1980s. She was part of a group of aspiring NoHeads which included Amarone Chalsey, as well as Sean, Mr. Horrendous NoHead, and Jamboga Pine. They all entered the service of the NoHeads during the height of the First NoHead War.

During the First NoHead War, Ms. Disturbing NoHead easily got along with Mr. Horrendous NoHead, who may have been her boyfriend. After the Battle of the First NoHead Base, Horrendous and Disturbing were fiercely pursued by police officers. Horrendous and Disturbing were eventually caught by famous officer Joseph around the same time as one of Horrendous' comrades, Ms. Vulgar NoHead. The three resisted arrest, Mrs. Disturbing NoHead even blasting a significant part of Joseph's nose off during their duel. Joseph defeated and killed Ms. Disturbing NoHead.

Personality and traitsEdit

Little is known about Mrs. Disturbing NoHead's personality, except the fact that she chose to resist and try to avoid imprisonment. Disturbing was courageous enough to resist capture rather than flee to save her own neck, something that antagonists and anti-heroes both called "bravery". Furthermore, Disturbing may have had an obsession with the "purity" of mutants. It is confirmed, however, that she had a passion with the Dark side, like most of his friends at Superhero School.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Mrs. Disturbing NoHead might have been a skilled duelist, as she was capable of fighting with Joseph, a powerful officer, and badly injuring him, blasting a part of his nose. However, she was killed by Joseph during the same duel.


Mr. Horrendous NoHeadEdit

It is clear that Ms. Disturbing NoHead cared about Mr. Horrendous NoHead and may have been romantically interested in him. He, in turn, was very protective of her.


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